PayrollHero Philippine Payroll Features


Published on - PayrollHero's time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS, analytics and Philippine payroll feature set details.

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PayrollHero Philippine Payroll Features

  1. 1. Keeping track of your employees let alone their payrolls is a difficult task for growing companies. PayrollHero is your solution for businesses of all size. We want to help run your management processes so that you can dedicate more time to your business and your hobbies as we can guess payroll is not one of your hobbies. Why choose PayrollHero ? PAYROLLTAS
  2. 2. Pay Stub Generation Generating paystubs for your employees is automatically created after completing and finalizing your payroll. You can then set them to be accessible to employees, emailed or printed depending on what your company prefers. The paystub lays out all the essential pay period information as well as tax and company specific bonuses and deductions. PAYROLLTAS
  3. 3. Allowances and Benefits With companies of all sizes, managing specific allowances to certain employees can be difficult whether it is rice allowances, attire allowances, travel allowances etc. Our system enables you assign allowances and manage both government and company specific benefits with a few clicks. PAYROLLTAS
  4. 4. Compensation Assign compensation by position type with ease allowing you to set up both formal pay scales and custom informal pay scales as you choose. Edit the different tiers of job positions to reflect pay grids, vacation pay and what type of pay they receive (hourly, monthly, salary). PAYROLLTAS
  5. 5. Bank Enrollments Several bank enrollments are by default already placed in the system with the ability to add custom ones depending on what plan your on. Accounts such as Pag IBIG, PhilHealth, Social Insurance, 13th month, BIR are preloaded as well as integrations with HSBC, Banko de Oro, MayBank and Bank of Philippine Islands. PAYROLLTAS
  6. 6. System Permissions Within your account stands all your company information and confidential material. For that reason we take security and system permissions very seriously. We have default settings to handle the three basic account users such as account owner, payroll administrator and regular employee but being able to customize who can see what information is entirely up to you as the account owner. PAYROLLTAS
  7. 7. Business Reports With all the data the software collects about your company, you are able to view several different reports that break down your company information into useful reports. The ability to compile and present this information would take someone weeks to manually compile the data even for just a few days. Have these reports whenever you want, how you want no research required. PAYROLLTAS
  8. 8. TeamClock & MyTimeClock PayrollHero is a friendly application that utilizes facial recognition technology to ensure that the right employee is in the right place at the right time. By using MyTimeClock for iPhone or TeamClock for iPad, you effectively eliminate costly ghost employees, buddy punching and help put a smile on your employees face everyday. With your PayrollHero account, the App available in the Apple App store is free for all your employees to use at your discretion. PAYROLLTAS
  9. 9. Schedules Manually entering schedules is a thing of the past and time costly. Effectively manage your companies schedule in real time with PayrollHero. The schedule calendar feature allows you to break down your company schedule with all shifts viewable or individually by employee. With all the changes being done in real time in the Cloud, employees can be notified immediately upon schedule changes or see who is available to switch shifts. Eliminate overtime or understaffed days before the problem occurs and creates a degrade in service. With the schedule feature it is easy to create custom shift times, recurring shifts, block times, split days, unpaid days off and paid vacation days. PAYROLLTAS
  10. 10. Thresholds Some companies have different needs as far as attendance. The thresholds feature of PayrollHero allows you to set what constraints are allowable and which are not. HR can be notified when someone is 2 minutes late or maybe a problem is only justified when someone is 15 minutes late in a different industry. These can be changed by individual job rank as well allowing someone more senior to work overtime with no problems and someone who is not able to cost overtime flagged for review. PAYROLLTAS
  11. 11. PAYROLLTAS Resolving Attendance Witness in real time who is late, on time or early at any given moment in your business from anywhere in the world. Only be flagged for hours worked that are irregular such as being late, working overtime, being early or out early. This ensures HR managers are notified before events such as overtime slip through management to the pay period.
  12. 12. PAYROLLTAS Analytics PayrollHero keeps an ongoing source of data with employee clock in and outs. The data is presented in a visually easy to interpret fashion showing employee trends, company issues and recurring trends such as how the weather affects employee attendance or commute distance influences timeliness.
  13. 13. PAYROLLTAS Worksites Keeping track of employees across different sites can be very difficult. PayrollHero ensures an easy no work required approach to managing when employees are clocking in and out at different worksites or locations.
  14. 14. PAYROLLTAS Email Templates Customize the emails you send your employees and managers through the email template function. Emails can be sent out at your discretion to which employees receive them and under what circumstances you send them out automatically or manually.
  15. 15. PAYROLLTAS Requirements Every person using PayrollHero has a dashboard which contains their paystubs, picture and required documents. Easily manage the important documents such as health insurance numbers, employment contracts, social security numbers, resumes, copies of identification and any other report you can possibly need. With the power of the Cloud, never worry about losing these documents ever again.
  16. 16. PAYROLLTAS HR Information System PayrollHero lets you create your own company database of employee profiles that include everything about them in regards to their position. Using the search bar, it is easy to navigate and find specific people or classed employee groups by position or teams with efficiency. Within the profile is information about what previous positions the person has held, what payscale they are on, their age, address, years with the company, emergency contact information, marital status and what company resources they have such as vehicles or keys. Take advantage of other features as well: • KeyRing allows you to keep track of what the employee has from the company such as keys, company car, lock access codes and anything else applicable to your company. • Easily track who is able to Clock in on Holiday days or off site locations. • Using the employee profile controls, it is easy to see the hierarchy of subordinates and the sequence of control and decision making in a company. • Creating a new employees profile takes less than 60 seconds. Mass importing via Spreadsheet also helps accelerate the process for bigger companies.
  17. 17. PAYROLLTAS Organizational Chart Get a snapshot of the hierarchy of your company with the Organizational Chart to help establish how the work flow relates to position.
  18. 18. PAYROLLTAS Attendance Export PayrollHero’s attendance export tool enables you to export the time and attendance of your employees. Within the export you can see your employees scheduled time, resolved time and actual time as well as overtime and night time differential totals.