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Local Law 87 Strategies


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According to New York City’s Local Law 87 (LL87) buildings larger than 50,000 square feet have to perform an ASHRAE Level II energy audit and retro - commissioning.
Even if sometimes investing in your property is not your top priority you still should comply to avoid a Class 2 violation and a compounding fine. Plus your building will run smoothly, meanings you will start saving energy and money.

At Altanova, we believe you have many options to comply with all the requirements from the Department of Building.

You comply, and you get some additional information on how to save energy (and money) at no additional cost.

If you are already looking at implementing smart upgrades we can combine the compliance part with our advanced energy and sustainability expertise to provide you with the best options that will maximize your savings and give you the best return of investment.

We are not trilled about doing Local Law 87 if we can help you avoid it. In fact there are ways you can get legally exempted. You will also get a more efficient property and a higher market value at the same time.

Altanova’s team PE Engineers, CEM accredited professionals, BPI-certfied energy engineers, and Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP) has more than a decade of experience in providing building energy conservation services. We have provided sustainability services to over 250 new and existing building projects - including energy efficiency and renewable energy consulting, advanced energy modeling, LEED certification facilitation and consulting, and commissioning, and of course Local Law 87 compliance.
Through our service you will also get a better understanding of how your property is currently working, if there are any issues you should resolve and if there is room to save additional energy and money.

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Local Law 87 Strategies

  1. 1. NYC Local Law 87 Franklin Street, NYC! Size: 81,000 SF!  !  ! Hudson View Gardens, NYC! Size: 455,000 SF!  !  ! This expression rings especially true when it comes to complying with New York City’s Local Law 87 (LL87). The law states that buildings larger than 50,000 square feet have to perform an ASHRAE Level II energy audit and retro- commissioning. There are different ways the law can cost you – big. “A penny wise, a pound foolish” Three solutions We provide a set of viable solutions: Compliance+: you comply, and you get some additional information on how to save energy (and money) at no additional cost. Premium: Are you looking for smart upgrades at your property? We will provide the best options with the highest ROI. Compliance included. Exemption: Sometimes we can help your building be more efficient and legally exempted. Same cost, better property. Not bad huh? + a fourth Pay the fine. Same cost, no value. And it adds up year after year. Until you comply. At Altanova we have a team of certified energy efficiency experts that can solve your problem and help you access all the available funding programs such as NYSERDA Flextech or CONED. Intercontinental Barclays NYC! Size: 461,000 SF!  !  ! Few of our projects " G l e n p o i n t B u s i n e s s Center | 25 E 78th Street | Dartmouth | The Lee | G. C o m e r b u i l d i n g a t Columbia University | Jack Nicklaus golf club | I n d i g o H o t e l | T h e Summit, Queens College | Two City Center | 156 William Street | Alexander Hamilton house |  !  ! 116 Pinehurst, NYC! Size: 456,000 SF!  !  ! Other services" ASHRAE level I, II, III audits Energy modeling Retro Commissioning LEED & Energy Star Portfolio solutions NYC Local Law 84 & 85 NYC executive order 111 TR-8 Inspections  !  !For Additional information:! Altanova Energy + Sustainability ! 1105 44th Drive, Long Island City, NY 347-399-7286!