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Change Leaders Unfolding Organizational Potential in the 21st Century - The Article


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Inspiration to the following questions:
>> How Change Leader Unfold Potential
>> What kind of Consciouness Change leader choose to follow

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Change Leaders Unfolding Organizational Potential in the 21st Century - The Article

  1. 1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 -
  2. 2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 - Our Business World is in the midst of a global transformation towards it’s 6th wave of innova- tion, the evolutionary global society, way beyond the information, knowledge and em- pathic society. Leaders and change makers all of the world’s institutions face unprecedented challenges: climate change, food and water crises, peak oil, financial and educational crises, unemployment, social exclusion, and massive “unforeseeable” disruptive events such as 9/11, Fukushima, and most recently, Hurricane Sandy. As the intensity of the dis- ruptions and conflict surrounding strategic resources accelerates over the next decades, new economic frameworks and innovation capacities will be needed to address the root causes of these challenges. “We urgently need new economic thinking and co-creative leadership capacities to link all key stakeholders in economic and societal systems, in order to sense, prototype, and co-create profound innovation and change. These diverse stakeholder constella- tions must include businesses, entrepre- neurs, policy makers, NGOs, media and aca- demia. Currently, neither academic institutions nor conventional leadership development programs have the ability to create such cross-sector collec- tive leadership and innovation capacity—let alone on the scale that is necessary now” as Otto Scharmer, one of the leading researcher at MIT points it out. Alvin Toffler in his book „Rethinking the Future“ brings it to the point, „the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.“ Now a time has come that brings about a new generation of Change Leaders who are driven by consciousness and evolution-based thinking. The generation of baby boomers, now driving and navigating multi-billion dollar companies is a dying spe- cies like dinosaurs before. However business is following a new framework of individual and societal evolution that comes from the con- sciousness of the Generation Y. As a conse- quence shareconomy, circular economy and social business are just some of the major trends we see globally and they are believed to be amongst the 10 most significant changes to business in the future as the Times Magazine outlines. However most of business leaders have not yet up-dated their consciousness about this societal and economic paradigm shift. Prof. Knut Bleicher, former President of Swiss St. Gallen Business School states, „we work in yesterday’s structures, with today’s methods, on tomorrow’s problems, mostly with people who designed yesterday’s structures, and who will not be there long enough to see the results tomorrow. So who are those Change Leaders? What is their framework of thinking. What kind of consciousness drives these next generation leaders? Key to next generation leaders is evolutionary consciousness. Evolutionary Leaders 8 levels of Spiral Dynamics Ken Wilber, Clare Graves, Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, US American researchers have provided an extensive, global, cross-sector framework to understand the underlying principles. It is a set of values and beliefs that designs coping strategies individually and societally to manifest solutions at any consciousness level. However, each wave in busi- ness demands a different level of consciousness to unfold new potential. Once we uncode and discover the essentials of these 8 different levels we can lead our self and our organization to the next level in business. Are you ready? Consciousness Level 1: Beige is Survivalistic We find this level in humans and organizations if they are just focused to survive, concentrating to fulfill their basic physiological or financial needs. All action is driven by fear. The solar industry represent this level at the moment, in particular in Germany, as many family owned business go bust or just about, i.e. SolarWorld. Consciousness Level 2: Purple is Myth This level is driven by safety as organizations tend to group as clan or cartel and they believe in the myth and follow a mystical leader. Companies can well develop in this stage like FC Bayern München, Red Bull or Virgin, since charismatic owners or presidents drive the myth of the company, just think of Uli Hoeness (FC Bay- ern), Dietrich Matechitz (Red Bull) or Richard Branson (Virgin). However the limits of this consciousness is most likely linked to the mythical leader, which is why the next level unfolds. Consciousness Level 3: Red is Egocentric Life and business at this point resembles to a battleground and people and organizations at this stage act accordingly. But then the war is really just about the leaders own ego, it is purely to his own benefit and staff, suppliers and other stakeholders are used as soldiers who have to follow a command. Some of the following examples seem partially to represent this level, i.e. ENRON, Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos and Formula 1 President Bernie Ecclestone. Consciousness Level 4: Blue is Authoritarian Once society and organization have overcome the restraints of “red” they develop another coping strategy to unfold potential. They agree on a certain sets of rules, law and order. The advantage being that everyone feels safe when all actions are taking according to the rules, but what happens if the framework of life, the industry and the markets change? Is there yet an up-dated rule to follow? And besides the heaviness and slowness that may lie in proce- dures, rules and orders can really bring down major corporations. Some of the big organiza- tions like BOSCH or the European Union suffer from this “disease”. Consciousness Level 5: Orange is Achievist This is the level we would find most businesses and organizations in globally at present. It is the framework of success, of winning over loosing, of finding the best ra- tional solution. Major discoveries of the 20th century were built on this consciousness and developed unprecedented wealth and welfare to the industrial world. Growth seemed to be unlimited and the faster the better. Companies are driven strategically by long-term planning, cost-controlling and clear responsibilities addressed by MBO’s. Organizational structure is geared both towards functional and market responsibilities, also called matrix organization. However the limits of this consciousness are resources, be it financial (shareholder value), human (war for talents and burn-out rates), material (limited access to rare materials locat- 1
  3. 3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 - ed in politically difficult countries) or the environment (global warming, Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, extinction of species), just to name a few. At this stage you will find globally renowned brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Apple. Consciousness Level 6: Green is Egalitarian As “orange” is limited by it’s own consciousness “green” will find new answers to global chal- lenges. Green believes in partnership, equality of people, systems and planet. It creates com- munities, networks and strategic partnerships to address all of the unsolved issues in “orange”. Remarkable organizations like Grameen Bank, Desso, InterfaceFlors, Grameen Danone, drogeriemarkt dm, Bioland, Demeter, Natur- land, Hess Natur, Greenpeace, Foodwatch were found, developed and lead the market into a new era. The business is people driven; needs are really taken serious of everyone involved. Non-violent communication skills, developed by Marshall Rosenberg, address those needs and will ultimately find answers for this con- sciousness. However the risk of “green” is to stay stuck in the belief that everything and everyone is equal and needs to get equal pay and equal appreciation although not everyone has the same task, responsibility, talent and mission. At this point some of the organizations may get stuck in harmony. Consciousness Level 7: Yellow is Integrative When “beige” to “green” is called the first tier consciousness, “yellow” is at the start of a whole new consciousness and business era. We call it second tier. Conscious- ness at this point means that we leave the limits of our ego, of the unconsciousness of emotions behind and prepare ourselves for a much larger field of potential that comes with a deepened perception what really is. Most leaders and organizations at “green” are still imprisoned in a belief-system, it is this or that solution where- as “yellow” leaders can see the whole picture and come up with a more integrated solution that has never been seen and implemented before. “Yellow” really is process-driven where individuals and organization develop intelli- gence far beyond rationale, emotional and relationship intelligence. They develop an inner awareness about their true mission and purpose to serve the greater good, the 4P’s as we call it. Purpose, People, Planet and Profit. Change Leaders will have developed a strong capability to perceive the greater “scene of life happen- ing”, called “Presencing” that was designed by leading researchers like Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Betty Sue Flowers and Joseph Jaworski. It is a 9 stage process that enables Change Leaders to download the unfolding of the wider potential by letting go of any attach- ment to the ego-mind, stuck emotions and thoughts of how things have to be. Once they are really present in the now they are capable to perceive the true potential of any individual, organization and situation. It is a strong con- gruency between purpose, mind, heart and action. We also call it authenticity that can bring out second tier solutions that are powerful beyond “orange” or “green”. As most “orange” companies are stuck at a 5.9.9 up-date they still apply the same thinking to copy with a world 7.0 or higher. This reminds me of an interesting story. “Nan-in, a Japanese master, received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen. Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor's cup full, and then kept on pouring. The profes- sor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. "It is overfull. No more will go in!" "Like this cup," Nan-in said, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?" Communication at this point is trans-parent, which means that we go beyond the person and include the true potential that shows up when the greater purpose is linked with the mission of that person. You will find a few highly interesting organizations such as SEMCO in Brazil run by Ricardo Semler, TESLA Motors run by Elon Musk, the Young Global Leaders a global group of Change Leaders within the framework of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Fairphone in the Netherlands and a number of companies based on the principles of the shareconomy like car2go, drivenow, flinkster, just to name a few. Consciousness Level 8: Turquoise is Holistic When yellow is process driven, turquoise starts to be evolution driven which means that anything is related with anything, globally. A change at one part of the system will imply a change of another part, even remote and without any seemingly direct connection, it is also known as the Quantum Physics Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment. It is an energy-focused holistic organism, with an intelligence that flows organ- ically as the dynamic balance of life. Organiza- tions operate on the base of collective wisdom, learning from the future as it emerges, senses order within chaos, lead society-wide transfor- mations, respond to whole earth challenges, combining inner, social, and electron- ic technologies. Main qualities are authenticity, truth and transparency combined with a complex and inte- grated vision. Limits or this level are the risk of scattering manage- rial and organiza- tional efforts, to the benefit of the com- mon good and losing touch with the primary function of the Yellow organization that “turquoise” must guide. However what really drives these organizations is the awaken- ing humankind to its collective sentience and global consciousness by relationships full of curiosity, discovery and synergy. The design principles of any organization at this level is Bio-mimicry — the patterns and qualities of the Nature hold solutions to most of our design challenges. Life is naturally generative and wastes nothing. Energy is always present — it is just a question of channeling it. There is not yet a corporate raw model to this level, howev- er organizations like Wikipedia, Linux, Firefox, airbnb show some interesting elements of it worth investigating and being inspired about. Change Leaders master four quadrants of development Evolutionary Capabilities 4 quadrant of development 2
  4. 4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 - Such leaders need the wisdom that enables long-term thinking, and the courage to act with agility even in uncertain conditions, when all the information is not necessarily available to cut through complex knots. They also need to trust and strengthen the power of the collective intelligence and wisdom of their people. Where will those qualities come from? Who are the future-responsive leaders, who can manifest them? They are called Change or Evolu- tionary Leaders. Evolutionary Leadership is grounded in a vision of the totality of every phenomenon, which includes our internal and external, individual and collective aspects. They understand that our individual and collec- tive consciousness have a large impact on the structure and performance of our organizations, just as much as the other way around. The four aspects mentioned above are presented in the diagram on the left, as the four quadrants applied to leading organizations. It is patterned on the underlying AQAL framework introduced by Ken Wilber, where AQAL stands for “All Quadrants, All Levels”. The quadrants are not static. A “level” in AQAL refers to the fact that within each quadrant there are numerous lines of development. For example, we can assess the development of a company in the lower right quadrant by assessing what stage of develop- ment its governance structure reached. The leaders who are committed and capable to attend and evolve all four quadrants (their individual consciousness and competences, as well as, the culture, strategy, and performance of their organizations) are Change Leaders. Sometimes, they are also called Evolutionary Leaders because they care for the well-being of the whole and all of its parts, as well as for their evolution to their best future possibility, to realize their full potential. Change Leaders can perform their epic function only if they learn from thinking, sensing, and acting from a higher level of consciousness than the one that created the problems they have to deal with. Reaching it requires training that, typically, business schools don’t provide. Most businesses are stuck at “Orange 5.9”, although a quantum leap is possible and just about to happen if we allow ourselves to up- date our own consciousness. Individual Consciousness Key to any development in consciousness, especially from first tier to second tier is to explore your inner compass of guidance. This will include your entire reason of being, your emotions, thoughts and all concepts about your inner reality like your individual vision, mis- sion, identity, values, beliefs, talents and com- petences. As we have discovered over years of research and practical application in corporate change programs an inner journey is well- invested time and resources for any leader as it will multiply the potential of all 4 fields of corporate development. Individual Competence & Communication As we develop our individual consciousness research from Daniel Goleman, years ago, already confirmed that it will create an emo- tional intelligence way beyond rational intelli- gence of 5.9. And any development will not stop as up-dating the capabilities of communi- cation will create the foundation for further unfolding of new potential. Typically commu- nication at “Orange” will center around finding the best rationale solution whereas in “Green” the organization will learn to explore the needs of everyone involved. Non-violent communica- tion from Marshall Rosenberg will best address this level but not stop here. In “Yellow” our communication will not just take care of an issue, a person but also about the field of potential that lies in the purpose of the individ- ual and the organization. Transparent Commu- nication by Thomas Hübl, built on the princi- ples of “Presencing” from Otto Scharmer will best help to prototype new potential to the company. Corporate Culture Corporate Culture at this point does not mean a nice brochure provided by a PR agency or another communication expert but a shared compass of guidance on corporate vision, mission, identity, beliefs, values and targets with all stakeholders. Market, Organization, Strategy & Perfor- mance This field will be a direct expression of a well explored, experienced and anchored inner compass of guidance both on the individual and corporate level. If they are congruent to each other they will drive necessary competences and communication on one side and perfor- mance, processes, market, strategy and organi- zation on the other side. Change Leaders sense, down- load and prototype a new busi- ness era Evolutionary Competences 5 lines of competences This approach takes into account and is built upon 5 very precise lines of competences that Change Leaders are willing to develop to unfold second tier individual and organizational potential. Individual Consciousness Individual Consciousness is well captured in the development lines of self-consciousness, attitude in relationships, motivation, and will- ingness to change, fear, trust and thrive to act. Let’s have a little closer look at the various dimensions of self-consciousness and attitude. In accordance to the levels we will see any leader evolve from an attitude in “red” where it is just about me, then being cautious, strategic, empathic and finally present. Can you imagine what will change in your business, if you just developed this attitude? And what about your self-consciousness – from being unconscious about your thought and emotions, to suppress- ing them, to being conscious about your thoughts, then also emotions to finally dispose of the heart-mind quality that resembles to a leading-edge telescope to the universe captur- ing any signal from the unfolding reality. How would this shift your life and organization? 3
  5. 5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 - Individual Competences & Communication Once you evolve your Individual Inner Lines you will see a change and drive also in your Outer Lines, i.e. self-effectiveness, leadership, hr development, conflict resolution and facilita- tion. What do you think changes if you evolved from fulfilling targets, to perceiving and cata- lyzing potential by being authentic in any given business situation? Authenticity at “yellow” means that you have a “crap-detector” to what is really true and what isn’t. Your self- effectiveness becomes a real gift to your organ- ization since you are in tune with the presence. You are no longer hanging onto the past that is gone or to the future that has not yet emerged as your ego is no longer navigating your sail boat against the wind to prove you are always right even if it does not make sense. And what effects would you expect from solving conflicts in a different manner. “Red” just defends his position whereas “green” utilizes the energy driving the conflict to co-create a new solution. How would this help develop your organization beyond traditional change programs, most of which don’t seem quite to get the job really done and need themselves an up-date. Corporate Culture Identity Once we have evolved individually our focus changes also onto the Corporate Level. What really matters here are lines about the relation- ship with stakeholders, values, communication culture, work ambiance and loyalty. What would happen, if the organizational communi- cation evolved from commands, to order and rules to a trans-parent, trans-rationale and trans- personal culture? Just imagine the unfolding of potential that my come from this area alone. And what about from shifting the way of relationship with all stakeholders from radical, hierarchical, strategic to partnership and co- creative? I remember, once we had a Blue Ocean Project going for a major international supplier. When we suggested that we were capable of more than just delivering parts according to specifications, cost, time and quality the first reaction was a bit distant com- ing from an old hierarchical belief of stake- holder relationships. And yet once the project was approved significant innovative products and services were designed as everybody on a partnership level wanted to contribute to a real benefit to the customer in the market. Would this be an interesting approach for you? Market, Strategy, Organization & Perfor- mance Last but not least lets have a look at the bottom line, at the market, strategy, organization and performance. What could be possible, if we evolved from one level to another in areas such as organizational structure, processes, flow of information, forms of communication, efficien- cy of resources, payment system, products and services. How far can you reach out in your wildest dreams if your organization developed it’s flow of communication from meetings to trans-personal and trans-rationale forms? And finally what would happen if everyone in the organization involved would turn the organiza- tional structure from functions and processes to a fluid field where co-workers would be co- creatively prototyping sustainable solutions to the market in an open, flexible and fluid way? Would you be willing to develop your con- sciousness this far? Because you felt you could really make a difference and contribute to the change of this planet? And now imagine that all 4 fields are interdependent and evolve at the same time, wouldn’t it be time to up-date in the most challenging field of Individual Con- sciousness to quantum leap your company, to a second tier organization?
  6. 6. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 - Evolutionary up-dating will utilize business power for it’s true purpose to find sustainable solutions for the planet Evolutionary Planet Conclusion I am deeply convinced that the business is not at a global downturn at an ever increasing rate of destroying this planet but at the eve of an evolutionary quantum-leap to a second tier society that will actually be driven by global challenges to come up with sustainable solu- tions that will embody the planet, the people, their purpose and profit. It will be addressed coming from a belief of potential rather than coming from fear for the disaster we are im- prisoned at the moment in our thinking. I remember Dalai Lama once said: “this planet does not need any more successful people. It really needs healers, peacemakers, friends, lovers, integrators, visionaries and courageous people with hope.” Change Leaders are really confident and fully responsible people we desperately need in this world. People who are passionate and care for all life, who have developed an authentic life practice with a big vision that comes from their heart. The vision of a new society and culture in which everyone can find his or her place and live up to his or her true potential. Change Leaders who live this vision are irresistible and feel the urge to contribute to the overall change. They really represent the kind of people Mahatma Gandhi wished for, “ be the change you want to see in the world”. For Change Leaders Evolutionary Leadership is not a better coaching tool or a better leadership approach in the sense of an “orange 5.0 awareness” where companies get more out of less in order to be even more suceessful. For them it is a must to unfold organizational and societal potential of the 21st century. Would you be this Change Leader? 4