St Barnabas Day 10 June 2012


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St Barnabas Day 10 June 2012

  1. 1. St. Barnabas (Chester) Anglican Church The Church in the Marketplace Embracing the Community Saint Barnabas Day Sunday, June10, 2012 361 Danforth Ave., Toronto M4K 1P1 416-463-1344
  2. 2. Let us faithfully witness to the Risen Jesus, giving generously ofour lives and substance for the relief of the poor and the sharing of the Gospel, bringing encouragement to all. (From the COLLECT for ST. BARNABAS) Welcome to St. Barnabas (Chester) Anglican Church The Church in the Marketplace Embracing the CommunityOur 10:30 AM Worship Service begins on page 185 of the green Book of Alternative Services. The hymns can be found in the blue Book of Common Praise.Organ Prelude Three Liturgical Preludes - George OldroydThe Gathering of God’s PeopleProcessional Hymn (Tune: Ewing)1 The son of Consolation!Of Levis priestly line,Filled with the Holy SpiritAnd fervent faith divine,With lowly self-oblation,For Christ an offering meet,He laid his earthly richesAt the Apostles feet.2 The son of Consolation!Oh, name of soothing balm!It fell on sick and wearyLike breath of heavens own calm!And the blest son of comfort,With fearless, loving hand,The Gentiles great ApostleLed to the faithful band.
  3. 3. 3 The son of Consolation!Drawn near unto his Lord,He won the martyrs glory,And passed to his reward.With him is faith now ended,Forever lost in sight,But love, made perfect, fills himWith praise, and joy, and light.4 The son of Consolation!Lord, hear our humble prayer,That each of us Thy childrenSuch blessèd name may bear!That we, sweet comfort sheddingOer homes of pain and woe,Midst sickness and in prisons,May seek Thee here below.5 For Barnabas we praise you,who kept your law of loveand, leaving earthly treasures,sought riches from above.O Christ, our Lord and Saviour,let gifts of grace descend,that your true consolationmay through the world extend.Words (vv 1-4) by Maud Coot (1871) and (v 5) Horatio Bolton Nelson(1823-1913)Greeting and Collect for Purity p. 185The Gloria p. 186Collect of the Day: Merciful God, help us to followthe example of your faithful servant Barnabas,who, seeking not his own renown but the well-
  4. 4. being of your Church, gave generously of his lifeand substance for the relief of the poor and thespread of the gospel; through Jesus Christ ourLord, who lives and reigns with you and the HolySpirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.Children’s Focus led by the Rev. Dr. HaroldShepherdA READING FROM THE BOOK OF ISAIAH 42: 5-12 read by Everod MillerThus says God, the Lord, who created the heavensand stretched them out, who spread out the earthand what comes from it, who gives breath to thepeople upon it and spirit to those who walk in it: Iam the Lord, I have called you in righteousness, Ihave taken you by the hand and kept you; I havegiven you as a covenant to the people, a light to thenations, to open the eyes that are blind, to bring outthe prisoners from the dungeon, from the prisonthose who sit in darkness. I am the Lord, that is myname; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise toidols. See, the former things have come to pass, andnew things I now declare; before they spring forth, Itell you of them. Sing to the Lord a new song, hispraise from the end of the earth! Let the sea roarand all that fills it, the coastlands and theirinhabitants. Let the desert and its towns lift up theirvoice, the villages that Kedar inhabits; let theinhabitants of Sela sing for joy, let them shout fromthe tops of the mountains. Let them give glory to theLord, and declare his praise in the coastlands.
  5. 5. Hear what the Spirit is saying to God’s People:Thanks be to God. PSALM 112 Beatus Vir - Antonio Vivaldi Please be seated during the psalm. You can follow the text on p. 860 of the green BAS.A READING FROM THE BOOK OF ACTS 11: 19-30, 13: 1-3 Read by Fiona StrachanNow those who were scattered because of thepersecution that took place over Stephen traveled asfar as Phoenicia, Cyprus, and Antioch, and theyspoke the word to no one except Jews. But amongthem were some men of Cyprus and Cyrene who, oncoming to Antioch, spoke to the Hellenists also,proclaiming the Lord Jesus. The hand of the Lordwas with them, and a great number becamebelievers and turned to the Lord. News of this cameto the ears of the church in Jerusalem, and they sentBarnabas to Antioch. When he came and saw thegrace of God, he rejoiced, and he exhorted them allto remain faithful to the Lord with steadfastdevotion; for he was a good man, full of the HolySpirit and of faith. And a great many people werebrought to the Lord. Then Barnabas went to Tarsusto look for Saul, and when he had found him, hebrought him to Antioch. So it was that for an entireyear they met with the church and taught a greatmany people, and it was in Antioch that the discipleswere first called “Christians.” At that time prophetscame down from Jerusalem to Antioch. One of themnamed Agabus stood up and predicted by the Spirit
  6. 6. that there would be a severe famine over all theworld; and this took place during the reign ofClaudius. The disciples determined that according totheir ability, each would send relief to the believersliving in Judea; this they did, sending it to the eldersby Barnabas and Saul. 1Now in the church at Antiochthere were prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeonwho was called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen amember of the court of Herod the ruler, and Saul.While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, theHoly Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saulfor the work to which I have called them.” Then afterfasting and praying they laid their hands on themand sent them off.Hear what the Spirit is saying to God’s People.Thanks be to God.Gospel AlleluiaChoir: Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!All: Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!Cantor: They have given freely to the poor: and their righteousness stands fast for ever they will hold up their head with honour.All: Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!Gospeller: The Lord be with you.All: And also with you.Gospeller: The Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Matthew 10: 7-16.All: Glory to you, Lord Jesus Christ.Jesus said to the disciples, “As you go, proclaim thegood news, ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers,
  7. 7. cast out demons. You received without payment;give without payment. Take no gold, or silver, orcopper in your belts, no bag for your journey, or twotunics, or sandals, or a staff; for labourers deservetheir food. Whatever town or village you enter, findout who in it is worthy, and stay there until youleave. As you enter the house, greet it. If the houseis worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it isnot worthy, let your peace return to you. If anyonewill not welcome you or listen to your words, shakeoff the dust from your feet as you leave that houseor town. Truly I tell you, it will be more tolerable forthe land of Sodom and Gomorrah on their day ofjudgement than for that town. See, I am sending youout like sheep into the midst of wolves; so be wiseas serpents and innocent as doves.Gospeller: The Gospel of ChristAll: Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.Homily by the Rev. Grace Caldwell-HillAnthem Happy and blest are they (from ‘St. Paul’) - Felix MendelssohnAffirmation of Faith p. 189Prayers of the People led by Rhonda BoyceConfession and Absolution p. 191We Share the Peace of ChristWe Offer Our Gifts to God
  8. 8. Offertory Hymn 281 “Who are these like stars appearing” (All Saints)Prayer over the Gifts: Faithful God, accept all we offeryou this day. Kindle in us the flame of love bywhich your apostle Barnabas bore witness to thegospel. This we ask in the name of Jesus Christthe Lord. Amen.The Eucharist: God’s Spirit Transforms Our GiftsEucharistic Prayer 3 p. 198The Lord’s Prayer (said) p. 211The Breaking of the BreadCelebrant: We break this bread to share in the body of Christ.All: We, being many, are one body, for we all share in the one bread. “People of all ages and denominations who are baptized intoChrist are invited and encouraged to share in communion. Ifyou will not be receiving bread and wine, we would be pleasedif you would join us at the Lord’s Table for a blessing.” Communion Hymn 286 “Give me the wings of faith” (Westminster)Motet O Taste and See – Ralph Vaughan WilliamsPrayer after Communion: God of justice, may we who haveheard your word and received new life at your table, bearwitness to your truth in the world, so that all may come toshare in your kingdom. We ask this in the name of JesusChrist the Lord.
  9. 9. Sharing God’s Love in the WorldThe Doxology p. 214AnnouncementsRecessional Hymn 525 “The church’s one foundation” (Aurelia)DismissalOrgan Postlude Sortie in E flat - Louis James Alfred Lefébure-WelyWe welcome all who are new or visiting today. If we can serveyou or you wish to know more about the church, please fill out a visitors envelope, available in pews or at back of church.    The flowers at the altar are dedicated to the Glory of God in loving memory of June & Alec Brown, a gift of the family.   Today’s Liturgical Team:Celebrant: The Rev. Dr. Harold ShepherdHomilist: The Rev. Grace Caldwell-HillCommunion Minister: Eleanor MorganOrganist & Choirmaster: Neil HoultonServer: Anne StrainSidespeople: Wardens & ex-wardensChancel Guild: Muriel BeardToday we remember in our Prayers:Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, Eglinton Deanery
  10. 10. Deanery Cycle of Prayer, St. Matthew’sParish Cycle of Prayer, Our IntercessorsSJAC, St. Cuthbert, Leaside & St. David, DonlandsMusic NotesDr. George Oldroyd (1887-1956) was an English organist andcomposer of Anglican church music. He was organist of St.Albans Church, Holborn in London from 1919 to 1920, andthen of St Michaels Church, Croydon, from 1920 until his deathin 1956. Both churches are firmly rooted within the Anglo-Catholic branch of the Anglican church, and Oldroyd composedboth choral and organ music with its rich ritualistic traditions inmind. “Beatus Vir” is the Latin translation of Psalm 112 (page860 of the BAS) which is the proper psalm for St. Barnabas’Day. Today the choir will sing Antonio Vivaldi’s setting ofthese words between the first and second readings. Theexuberance of the music is a perfect match for the text, “Happyare they who fear the Lord and have great delight in hiscommandments!” with soprano and alto solos alternating withthe chorus. Vivaldi (1678-1741), also known as ‘The RedPriest’ (not for his political bent but because of his flaming redhair) was a composer, violinist and priest whose musicalinfluence spread all across Europe during his lifetime. His best-known composition is ‘The Four Seasons’. Felix Mendelssohn began writing his oratorio “St. Paul”in 1832 and completed it early in 1836, with its firstperformance in Dusseldorf in May of that year. The first Britishperformance was ten years later in Birmingham withMendelssohn conducting and the world-famous Jenny Lind inthe soprano role. The oratorio is in two parts. Part 1 recountsthe preaching, persecution and martyrdom of St. Stephen (the
  11. 11. first Christian martyr), the miracle of St. Paul’s conversion toChristianity, and concluding with Ananias commissioning Paulas a minister of Christ. Part 2 relates to Paul and Barnabasbecoming ambassadors and evangelists of the Christian church,celebrated by the perhaps familiar “How lovely are themessengers”. Mendelssohn himself was a Jew who convertedto Christianity but it’s not known if his oratorio has any relationto his personal experiences. “Happy and blest are they,” today’santhem, is from Part 1 of “St. Paul” and is a soothingconsolation on the death of St. Stephen with a musical elegancenot often matched. “O Taste and See” (communion motet) was composedby Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) to be sung during thecommunion service at the coronation of Elizabeth II. The textis from Psalm 34:8. Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wély (1817-1869) was aFrench organist and composer who played a major role in thedevelopment of the French symphonic organ style and was aclose friend of the organ builder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll,inaugurating many new Cavaillé-Coll organs. He was organistat the Parisian churches of Saint-Roch (1841-1846), the Églisede la Madeleine (1847-1857), and Saint-Sulpice (1863-1869).Lefébure-Wély is buried in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.His most celebrated compositions are probably the Sorties in E-flat and B-flat major for organ, and it’s the Sortie in E-flat thatends the service this morning. LIFE AND MINISTRY OF OUR COMMUNITYCelebratePlease stay for a reception at the back of the church today inhonour of St. Barnabas Day.
  12. 12. Monday Night Bible studyBible study in the rector’s study continues on June 11th at 7:00PM. All are welcome.Bake Sale UpdateThanks to everyone`s support, the bake sale last weekend brokethe $400 mark! And to answer those who have asked if therewill be another one, yes!! Mark Saturday, July 7th on yourcalendars .... a bake sale, along with the first of the SaturdaySummer Music concerts. The money raised will be used insupport of the Organ Restoration Fund.Choir returns September 9thThe choir begins its summer holiday this week and will returnon Sunday, September 9th.Book Club in JulyThe Book Club will continue in the rector’s study on (July (3rdor 4th to be confirmed) when we will be discussing Girls FallDown by Maggie Helwig. Following that, for Wednesday,August 1st, we’ll be reading Death Comes to Pemberley, by P.D.James, and then on September 5th, The Seven Storey Mountainby Thomas Merton.Summer music!Please take note that our own Summer Saturday Series returnsagain this year. Each Saturday from 12:30 PM, a variety ofmusicians will entertain you for approximately 30 minutes,beginning on July 7th. More details forthcoming.Community Forum-
  13. 13. Responding to Hunger in Toronto on Tuesday, June 26th inMetro Hall, Room 308 from 1:30 to 4:00 PM. At thiscommunity forum, individuals from the University of Toronto,the City of Toronto and the Daily Bread Food Bank will reflecton findings from a study of food assistance in 5 Canadian cities,with a focus on Toronto.A discussion next SundayThe Latvian Lutheran Church that meets here has extended aninvitation to anyone at St. Barnabas who is interested to jointhem in the reception room following the 10:30 service on June17th for an informal discussion of Scott Peck’s book The RoadLess Travelled. The family is sad to announce the sudden passing ofCecily Dottin on Monday, June 4th. Her funeral will be held at St. Barnabas on Monday, June 18th at 10 AM. Visitation will take place between 4 and 7 PM on Sunday, June 17th at the Giffen-Mack Funeral Home at Danforth and Main.    WHAT’S HAPPENING THIS WEEK? Tuesday, June 12th 7:30 PM Advisory Board Meeting In the Rector’s study WORSHIP SCHEDULE Thursday, June 14th 12 noon Holy Eucharist In the Chancel Sunday, June 17th Pentecost 3
  14. 14. Services with Anointing 9:00 AM Quiet Communion 10:30 AM Sung Eucharist* 7:00 PM Taizé Readings: 1 Samuel 15: 34 -16: 13; Psalm 20 2 Corinthians 5: 6-10, 14-17; Mark 4: 26-34CLERGY The Rev. Dr. Harold ShepherdHONORARY ASSISTANT Fr. David Hoopes, OHCDEACON The Rev. Grace Caldwell-HillLEADERSHIP TEAM Gary Davenport, Jane Smith Lyn Inniss, Everod Miller, Jan BookerORGANIST & CHOIRMASTER Neil HoultonPARISH ADMINISTRATOR Mary Roycroft RanniORGANIST EMERITUS Dr. Eugene Gates