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Art of Living Library - Presentation

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Art of Living Library - Presentation

  1. 1. Art of Living International Library Ved Vignan Mahavidya Peeth Kanakpura Rd Bangalore
  2. 2. The Art of Living International Library is a unique and irreplaceable archive of books, journals, audio, video and other media that document spirituality in the context of scientific, social and economic development over time. Supplemented by leading technologies to automate library processes, and to facilitate widespread dispersal of this knowledge.
  3. 3. At a Glance
  4. 4. Mission To contribute to H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision for a stress-free and violence-free society Through: providing books and other resources in an environment that fosters the dissemination of knowledge. Uniqueness of Art of Living To engage every section of society irrespective of age, group, class, caste, religion to promote overall growth, well-being and knowledge.
  5. 5. Mission The mission is delivered through three core activities: •Collecting • Preserving • Access With the aim of providing:  Knowledge to promote self-development  Discussion forums  Books and media spanning diverse cultures and religions.
  6. 6. Our Books  Broad spectrum of human knowledge under one roof!  Diverse spiritual books and scriptures  Ayurveda, Agriculture, Environment, Fiction, Children, Computers, Finance, Medical, Law, etc  Around 12,000 books in all  6,000 of which have been donated in the past 2 years  Over 7,500 books have been cataloged so far  Binding and preservation of old, precious books (ongoing)
  7. 7. Advanced Digital Library  Best-in-Class Technologies and Paradigms  FOSS: Free and Open Source Software (Koha and Ubuntu)  Cloud Computing: using Amazon Web Services (AWS)  OPAC: Online Public Access Catalog  International Library Standards:  MARC 21 bibliographic standard  Z39.50 bibliographic search  Z39.50 service: give back to the global library community
  8. 8. Website and OPAC On our Library’s Website, users can: Search for books online Reserve books online (if available) Enquire about library membership on the website Soon: online registration via payment gateway Click for YouTube Video
  9. 9. Internal Library Management Click for YouTube Video
  10. 10. The Journey So Far
  11. 11. August 2012 We began with an empty hall
  12. 12. First Steps Cleaned up the hall that was filled with pebbles Used the pebbles to decorate the Library corners
  13. 13. Book Racks Laid Out
  14. 14. Unloading Books More than 12000 books have been obtained from the old Ashram Library and present-day donors
  15. 15. Sorting, Categorizing Thousands of Books
  16. 16. How to Start Cataloging??  Catalog: paper or digital?  Many libraries were visited and examined  Started searching for appropriate software/technology  Software vendors sent quotations of lakhs of rupees and several months of time (including Sumeru)  With Gurudev’s grace, happened to meet a devotee at Devi Puja: Ambar Seksena. He found and deployed “Koha” - the free Library software we are using.  Zaver Swamiji gave barcode printer and scanner
  17. 17. The Most Arduous Task: Cataloging and Barcoding Each Book
  18. 18. The Library now stands at the threshold of a new service paradigm The combined forces of digital technology, reader empowerment, co-location with educational institutions in a new setting, provide the impetus to bring the collections and services to wider audiences in innovative ways.
  19. 19. People from Sumeru visiting and using the library
  20. 20. Visitors At The Library
  21. 21. Observations and Requirements  Repair work needed: glass ceiling  Requirement for digitization/preservation  Periodic maintenance: repair of shaking glass windows  To block dust and rain: shades for 8 mesh windows  To block direct light and oxidation of the books: curtains  Need more terminals to include up to date library services like Ebooks, moving images, sound, E learning and discussion rooms  Security door/camera  Online registration through payment gateway
  22. 22. Library's Unique Contribution  Arouse curiosity in industry executives visiting the Library to discover the Art of Living programs and campus  Encourage non Art of Living members to use the Discussion Room on subjects of interest  A peaceful environment for people in neighboring institutions to conduct study and research
  23. 23. Gratitude!  Ambar: software work, sponsoring Website and Domain costs  Zaverji: for giving bar-code printer and scanner  Buildtech Company: for sponsoring and installing the front door  VP Gupta: helped with a donation to the Library  Mr Rajagopal, EVP HDFC Mumbai: donated 50k  Uma Madan: donated the TV and VCR  All the people who donated books, seva, time, money and energy to this project  Free subscription from Asian Agri Society
  24. 24. Ved Vignan Mahavidya Peeth, 21st KM Kanakpura Main Road, Bangalore 560082

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