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Get Creative with Google drawings


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This presentation is full of examples of how I use Google Drawing with my elementary students. I have also included a few hints/tips from my presentation.

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Get Creative with Google drawings

  1. 1. Get Creative with Google Drawings Susan Prabulos
  2. 2. Example Projects- Recycling
  3. 3. Adding Images -Use the Research Tool -Upload from your device -Take a snapshot -From a URL
  4. 4. Research Tool
  5. 5. Taking A Snapshot Reminder: You will have to give Flash permission to take snapshots.
  6. 6. Masking and Framing Images
  7. 7. Adding Shapes
  8. 8. Adding Word Art
  9. 9. Changing the Background Color Control- Click or Right-Click the drawing and select Background.
  10. 10. Changing the Page Size and Layout File- Page Setup choose custom and enter your dimensions.
  11. 11. Created by Susan!
  12. 12.