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Neta Technology Treasures 2016 Presenation


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Here are some of our favorite technology treasures to use in the elementary classroom!

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Neta Technology Treasures 2016 Presenation

  1. 1. Technology Treasures 2016 Edition
  2. 2. Hello! We are... Twitter: @fabprab Email: Twitter: @jrushing72 Email: Susan Prabulos Jason Rushing
  3. 3. Slides Carnival Free presentation templates for Google Slides! Cost: Free
  4. 4. Slides Carnival
  5. 5. Templates for Google Apps Cost: Free Click the icon in the upper left-hand corner of any Google Doc, Presentation, Spreadsheet, or Form to find free templates!
  6. 6. Templates for Google Apps Cost: Free
  7. 7. The Gooru Features tutorials and news for Google Apps. Cost: Free
  8. 8. The Gooru
  9. 9. Google Keep Sign in with your Google Account. Sync your notes and lists to all your devices. Share with other Google Account users. Cost: Free
  10. 10. Google Keep Cost: Free
  11. 11. Pear Deck Everyone uses their Google Apps for Edu account, the files you create live in Drive, and you can invite your Classroom sections to participate in your interactive presentation. Cost: Free/Paid
  12. 12. Pear Deck
  13. 13. Kiddle Search Engine Kid friendly visual search engine! Cost: Free
  14. 14. Kiddle Search Engine
  15. 15. ViewPure Remove distractions from YouTube videos! Cost: Free
  16. 16. ViewPure Add to your bookmarks bar to purify right from YouTube!
  17. 17. Photos For Class Free images to use in classroom projects! Cost: Free
  18. 18. Photos For Class
  19. 19. ABCYa Story Maker ker.htm A fun and easy way for students to create short stories! Cost: Free
  20. 20. ABCYa Story Maker
  21. 21. See.Touch.Learn ducts/see-touch-learn-pro/ Includes 4,400 pictures, 2,200 exercises and access to over 4,000 lessons developed by peers. Visual Instruction for Autism and Special Needs. Cost: 16.99
  22. 22. See.Touch.Learn
  23. 23. Zoombinis App Great critical thinking game for students! Cost: $4.99
  24. 24. Zoombinis App
  25. 25. The Foos - Web and App Teach kids to code and program in a fun and exciting game format. Cost: Free
  26. 26. The Foos - Web and App
  27. 27. BreakoutEDU Think Escape Room -- but in the classroom! ● Collaboration! ● Cooperation! ● Communication! Cost: Varies
  28. 28. BreakoutEDU
  29. 29. BreakoutEDU - Facebook Group Sign in to Facebook and join here Cost: FREE FREE support FREE tips FREE lessons FREE advice
  30. 30. Epic App s Free books for students to read and listen to on desktops and laptops! Cost: Free for Educators
  31. 31. Epic App
  32. 32. PBS KIDS ScratchJr App scratchjr.html A fabulous update to a coding app for young learners! Cost: Free
  33. 33. PBS KIDS ScratchJr App
  34. 34. Pencil Code Learn professional programming languages using an editor that lets you work in either blocks or text. Create art, music, games, and stories. Or invent a program that will change the world. Cost: Free
  35. 35. Pencil Code
  36. 36. TeleStory From the creators of Toontastic, students can use TeleStory to create TV shows! Cost: Free
  37. 37. TeleStory
  38. 38. Plum’s Photo Hunt Take students on an exploration of their environment! Cost: Free
  39. 39. Plum’s Photo Hunt
  40. 40. Typing Club Great web-based portal to teach keyboarding. Free version has up to 100 lesson covering all keys. Cost: Free/Paid
  41. 41. Typing Club Cost: Free
  42. 42. Duolingo The world's most popular language learning platform is now available for the classroom. Thousands of teachers are already using it to enhance their lessons. Cost: Free
  43. 43. Duolingo Go Mobile! iPhone App of the Year and Best of the Best in Google Play!
  44. 44. Reflector Reflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that works great with Google Cast™, AirPlay™ and AirParrot 2®. Mirror your content to the big screen without wires or complicated setups. Cost: 14.99 (Mac) /6.99 (Android)
  45. 45. Reflector
  46. 46. Common Sense Media - Guide for Parents Technology isn’t going anywhere. Parents are coming to us with questions on how to keep their kids safe while online. Guide them here! So many great resources and articles! Cost: Free
  47. 47. Common Sense Media
  48. 48. Seesaw Create up to ten classes and create an online portfolio highlighting student work. Cloud based! Cost: Free / Paid Full School Version
  49. 49. Seesaw
  50. 50. Word Sift 2 Help students sort and analyze text! Cost: Free
  51. 51. Word Sift 2
  52. 52. Non-Fiction Symbaloo Webmix Check out this Symbaloo webmix full of great resources for finding nonfiction articles to read online! Cost: Free
  53. 53. Non-Fiction Symbaloo Webmix
  54. 54. Word Swag Add awesome text to photos and backgrounds in seconds! Cost: $3.99
  55. 55. Word Swag
  56. 56. For LPS Staff Due to the timing of NETA presentation submissions last November and the recent announcement of the LPS instructional technology tool review process, the tools discussed in this session may or may not be approved for use with students in LPS. The LPS Instructional Technology Tool Review Process serves to honor our commitment to students and parents that the technology tools used in LPS comply with legal obligations, are aligned with instructional intent, are technically appropriate for our environment, and adhere to data and student privacy regulations. Please refer to the “Tools For Learning” web page for more information. INFO: [keyword ITT] Lincoln Public Schools
  57. 57. Thank You!!!
  58. 58. Credits Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ▣ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ▣ Photographs by Unsplash ▣ Jewel Icon by FlatIcons (