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Google Drive: It's Elementary!


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Presentation on using Google Drive with elementary students. Shared at NETA fall conference 2013, FETC 2014, and NETA 2014.

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Google Drive: It's Elementary!

  1. 1. Jason Rushing Humann Elementary School @jrushing72 Susan Prabulos Meadow Lane Elementary School @fabprab Google Drive: It’s Elementary Jason Rushing and Susan Prabulos Lincoln Public Schools
  2. 2. Jason Rushing Humann Elementary School @jrushing72 Susan Prabulos Meadow Lane Elementary School @fabprab Contact Us! Susan Prabulos Twitter: @fabprab Jason Rushing Twitter: @jrushing72
  3. 3. Getting Started Parents Communicate with Parents about what Google Drive is and what it can do. Students
  4. 4. Sharing Folders Create a Folder and using the pop down menu, choose share.
  5. 5. Sharing Folders Option 1: You can specify that anyone with the link can access/view/edit the files within the folder OR Option 2: You can invite people using their email address to access/view/edit.
  6. 6. Sharing Folders I created folders for each of the grade level teachers whose students would be accessing Google Drive regularly. You can see easily which folders have been shared and which haven’t.
  7. 7. Student Folders Each student creates a folder within their classroom folder. This helps with organization and is a great way for kids to turn in finished projects.
  8. 8. Great feature -- Research Tool A great feature with great possibilities…..with a little risk thrown in. School filters will not work when using the Research Tool. Great way to teach Digital Citizenship
  9. 9. Documents
  10. 10. 2nd Grade Year in Review
  11. 11. 3rd Grade Teaching Similes
  12. 12. 4th Grade Research - Individual or Group BioPoem
  13. 13. 5th Grade Biography Research Biography Newsletter
  14. 14. Presentations
  15. 15. 2nd Grade Butterfly Life Cycle Alphabet Lists- Food
  16. 16. 3rd Grade Animal Book - Collaborative Comparing- Partner
  17. 17. 4th Grade Vocabulary Study Guide Currently...
  18. 18. 5th Grade Choose Your Own Adventure Stories
  19. 19. Spreadsheets and Forms
  20. 20. 2nd Grade
  21. 21. 3rd Grade Create a topic, choose focus points, and share! Let the kids fill in the rest!
  22. 22. 3rd Grade
  23. 23. Have kids go shopping at school! Use the Sum Function to add the total and conditional formatting to show above, on, or under budget. 3rd Grade
  24. 24. 4th Grade Current Event Form
  25. 25. 5th Grade Notetaking
  26. 26. 5th Grade Collaborative Research
  27. 27. 5th Grade
  28. 28. 5th Grade Surveys, Spreadsheets, and Graphs
  29. 29. 5th Grade
  30. 30. Drawings
  31. 31. 2nd Grade
  32. 32. 3rd Grade Graphic Organizers
  33. 33. Teaching Inference
  34. 34. 4th Grade
  35. 35. 5th Grade
  36. 36. Teacher Tools -- Research Tools for Kids
  37. 37. Teacher Tools -- Lesson Planning
  38. 38. Teacher Tools -- Grading Rubrics
  39. 39. Where to get the templates --