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Hip hop honeys ws


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Hip hop honeys ws

  1. 1. Music, Money & Hip Hop Honeys Name: __Spencer Charsley______________
  2. 2. What point did the presenter make about videos just a few years ago and videos now? The presenter said that over the course of just a few years videos have got more sexual and have had more of a bad influence on kids. Over the last 10 years more flesh and more bum shaking. 20 years ago the women looked classy and now they’ve all turned to slags. An example of this is how f you look at Britney Spears hit me baby one more time that was classed as sexual ten years ago, but the women were all clothed, whereas now theyre barely clothed.
  3. 3. Why were these important in the development of music videos? They were important because it made the viewers both men and women for different reason want to watch the video. Women and young girls would want to watch to be like them and men would want to watch for pleasure. The videos gradually got worse and one of the first glimpse’s of a sexual music video was Britney Spears hit me baby one more time, that was followed by Christina Agullera who done ‘dirty’. After that lady gaga performed ‘telephone’ where all the actors were in underwear.
  4. 4. How did ‘Tashy Jay’ chose to represent herself in the documentary? Tashy j is a successful video girl who can dance, has training and she has been to stage school, she likes to treat being a video girl as a career. What was she saying about ‘video girls’ at the shoot? She was saying how some of the video girls throw themselves on the artist and get with them. Some video girls don’t even get paid! They just do it for the chance of fame. The girls are given drink at shoots to get them in the mood.
  5. 5. Why do they need these girls in their videos? They need these girls in the video to attract viewers and make the artist look like he gets all the girls, the girls dance all around the artist to show that the artist is the ‘boss’ What did he think about ‘video girls’? Xo man said that the reason for all the video girls barely dressed is purely to get them more views and helps to sell their album. Where did they find all these girls? Wouldn’t it be expensive to pay them all? Some of the branded video girls who are well known get paid a lot! But others just turn up for the fame and don’t get paid at all, there was cases where the girls think they’re getting paid and the producers don’t pay them!
  6. 6. How does China Black illustrate some of the issues with how women are represented in music videos? China black (23) has breast implants, teeth job and and bum implants, this is to make her more appealing to producers and get her more jobs to earn her more money. But it was a risk because the amount of money it must have cost to get the implants may end up more then the money earned!
  7. 7. These women believe they are the ones with the power. They believe they are exploiting men, not the other way around. What do you think? This is not true, I think that the men are in control because they are telling the women what to do and how to dress. In some ways though the women are controlling the men because the men are watching the girls and want to get with the girls.
  8. 8. This sexual equality expert argues that music videos have a lot to answer for what’s the issue? I think this is true! Music videos have to explain to the press the reasons for having so many unclothed girls doing sexual movements. What does the government think? The government have signed their first ever hip hop ambassador Which goes to show that the government are beginning to take action on the Music videos that shows that music videos are getting out of control otherwise us government Wouldn’t have taken action.
  9. 9. K.I.G use ‘video girls’ - what do they think of them? KIG want girls with fake bums to look good, KIG say that the video girls try to get with the artist. KIG says that the video girl career lasts around 10 videos and then they get old. Music Video Director ‘Digital Dan’ has a lot to say - what does he think of the girls? Digital dan is a user, he advertises that the girls are going to get paid and when he’s used them for the videos he does not pay them. The only way that digital dan will pay the girls is if they really reveal themselves.
  10. 10. What happened to Alisha? Alisha was sexually assulted when she Thought that she was going for a photo shoot, Unfortunately the man got away with it.
  11. 11. This lady has been working with artists for years and cast lots of ‘video girls’ - what changes has she seen and what’s her opinion? She has seen a dramatic change in video girls, the girls have gone from classy and good looking to wearing no clothes and acting sexually. Over the years videos have revealed more flesh and more bum shaking, artists say that this is to attract more male viewers and also young girls who wish to be like the video girls.
  12. 12. Why is she challenged on this performance by the presenter? She is challenged because she said that she would never go as far as wearing a thong in a music video as it is cheap, but here she is in a thong in a video, this proves how far girls will go to look good and get even the slightest bit famous.
  13. 13. This is the US ‘Ambassador for Hip Hop’ - what is her view? She thinks that the requirements for being an attractive man is much easier than the requirements of being an attractive woman, She said that some of the artists who all the girls are dancing around aren’t even attractive. An example of this is is Sean Kingston. How has Angel Lola Love’s experience been positive? She’s a former video girl who has turned into a rapper, she used her video girl skills to become a famous rapper. As soon as she became famous for being in video girls she used the fame to get into rapping.
  14. 14. What conclusions can we draw from this documentary? We can come to the conclusion that music videos have become a lot more sexual over the years, That some girls will do almost anything to get a glimpse of fame, and that artists and producers have the dancers wrapped around their little finger! We see this when Digital Dan says that if he pays the girls they must reveal themselves and follow his orders. An example of videos getting worse is the fact that you can see 90s videos and the women look classy and professional and now they look like sluts in underwear.