The road to perfection


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What does God require of you?

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The road to perfection

  1. 1. The Road to Perfection Manna 71: What Does God Require of You?
  2. 2. Human nature is generally fallible and susceptible to external influence.  Is Christ-like perfection an impossible dream?  Is corruption the norm in the world we live?  What makes it hard for us to attain spiritual perfection?
  3. 3. Christ offers us the most uplifting promises….  We can become perfect.  We are reassured that the impossible will be made possible with God’s help.  The road to perfection can be completed.  Not by human strength or will  But by yielding completely to the Spirit for empowerment and following His word.  Constantly long for the mercy of God unto eternal life.
  4. 4. The foundation we build unto perfection. (Deu 10:12)  The Law of God.  To fear God  To love Him  To walk in His ways  To serve Him
  5. 5. Through the Fear of God  The fear of God leads us away from evil (Prov 3:7b)  Fear, Revere, Deep respect and awe  Move towards God and away from evil  Why should we fear God?  (2Pet 1:3 – 4)  (Eccl 12:13)  (Col 3: 1 – 3)  Do not compromise God’s principles.  Build upon the foundation of the truth to become perfect.
  6. 6. Through Love for God  Love, Aheb, Affection  To love the Lord we cannot see  Is it moot when we say we love the Lord but cannot perceive His presence in our lives?  How can we manifest God’s love? (1 Pet 1:8)  How can we build up a strong love for our Lord? (Ps 136)  Accept His word  Unlock our stubborn  Understanding His love  Can you see His kind intention ?  When we resolve to love God, we are working towards perfection.
  7. 7. By Walking in His way  God’s way is the best way. (Ps 1: 1-2, 128: 1b)  Reorder our lives and purge from corruption (Jas 1:21, 1Pet 2:1)  Cleansing our hands, Purifying our hearts, Humbling ourselves  Trials enable us to grow  Be compelled to take a careful and honest look at ourselves  Humbly ask for His mercy and forgiveness, as well as the strength to overcome the weakness.  Sometimes we are not quite able to see why we have to suffer. (Ps 73: 2-4; 77:1-3: Hab 1:1-3)  Cling on to God’s promises (2 Cor 12:7-10)
  8. 8. Through Wholehearted Service to God  Serving God is a grace that none is worthy to receive. (Rom 12:1; 2 Cor 4:1; Eph 3:8)  Our characters are revealed in the course of rendering service to God.  Pride and jealousy easily surface when the heart and motivation to serve are not right before God.  How should we serve God?  Serving God is preparing ourselves to see the face of our Master, Jesus Christ (Lk 12:40)