Trinity newsletter no. 74 tanya's valedictory concert


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Tanya's concert gets a mention in the Trinity Alumni newsletter

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Trinity newsletter no. 74 tanya's valedictory concert

  1. 1. Trinity Matric ’58 Publisher iansenior@aol.comNo 94 27 April 2013 ian.senior@trinity.oxon.orgService to commemorate the Dambusters’ raid, 17th May inChapel by Clare Hopkins, College ArchivistOn 17 May there will be a service in Chapel to commemorate the70thanniversary of the Dambusters’ Raid. This is properly anevent of the Oxford University Air Squadron, but it has come toTrinity because the only Oxford man who took part in the raid wasHenry Melvin ‘Dinghy’ Young (1934). Melvin Young was secondin command to Guy Gibson. His bomb was the first to hit, andcrack, the Möhne Dam, but his plane was shot down as they flewhome over the Dutch coast. He and his crew are buried in acemetery at Bergen.Rev Emma Percy, College Chaplin, is arranging the service withmembers of the OUAS. It will include a short eulogy for MelvinYoung, given by his biographer Arthur Thorning (1962), thereading of the names of the 53 men who fell, and a minute’ssilence to remember the many thousands of civilians who lost theirlives in the flooding of the Ruhr Valley. The choir will be singing.The service in Chapel starts at 5.30 and is open to the whole College, but old members should letEmma Percy know if they are intending to come. From 4 pm therewill be an archive exhibition about the life of Melvin Young on display in the Old Bursary. He wasa member of the Boat Club and one of the crew who took Trinity to the Head of the River in 1938,the first time since 1864. He was a Blue the same year. Although not a natural oarsman he wasnotable for his hard work and determination and the same was true of his flying. Although not anatural pilot, he was a great leader of men and a gifted administrator. Twice he was shot down andbrought his crew home safely, the first time after a night in a dinghy in the Atlantic – and this washow he acquired his memorable nickname.Following the service there will be a drinks reception at which Arthur Thorning will present a copyof Dambusters: Failed to Return to the Library/President. This fine publication is being released onthe anniversary of the raid. Arthur has contributed the chapter on Melvin Young.Tanya Sen’s (2009) valedictory concertThe College Music Society continues to flourish but will certainly miss Tanya Sen when she graduates thisyear. She is a past president of TCMS and is blessed with a extraordinarily beautiful voice with a wide rangeof colour and expression. Her programme on 26thApril began with a Vivaldi motet accompanied by Soloman
  2. 2. 2Lau (2009) on harpsichord, our current organ scholar, and by the Trinity string quartet. This was followed bytwo amusing songs from Die Fledermaus. In introducing them Tanya gave us the context with littlethumbnail sketches of what the characters were up to in the opera. Her acting skills were obvious and carriedthrough to the way she presented the songs. The recital ended with Puccini’s heart-melting O Mio BabbinoCaro in which the heroine pleasds with her father to be allowed to marry the man she loves.The retiring collection was in aid of India’s Pratham Education Foundation and the entire concert wasdedicated to the memory of past President, the late Sir John Burgh,Tanya is reading engineering, economics andmanagement. In the autumn she starts with theSingapore office of Bain Consulting, a marvellousposting. I hope she will find time to read aboutSingapore’s founder, Sir Stamford Raffles, whoestablished Singapore in 1819 as a free-tradingBritish settlement that guaranteed our trade routeto China. Raffles did so without the permissionof the East India Company who then bankruptedhim for his pains.Tanya Sen, right, Soloman Lau and the Trinity string quartetRattigan’s Less than KindFor the second consecutive year this recently discovered play byTerence Rattigan (1930) is now on national tour and will open at theOxford Playhouse from14-18 May. Other dates are below. Those ofus who packed the small Jermyn Street theatre in January 2011 will besurprised to read the publicity blurb that describes it as “previouslyunperformed”. No matter. The title is one of Hamlet’s opening linesfrom scene 2 and the plot is cleverly based on Hamlet’s mainstructure. The big difference is that there is a happy ending. Insteadof a stage strewn with bodies, Hamlet, Gertrude and Claudius exeuntgoing off to lunch at Claudius’s club. The production has hadexcellent reviews.Oxford Playhouse Tues 14-Sat 18 May, 01865 305305Salisbury Playhouse Mon 20-Sat 25 May ,01722 320333Brighton Theatre Royal Mon 27 May-Sat 1 June 0844 871 7650Richmond Theatre Mon 3-Sat 8 June 0844 871 7651York Theatre Royal Tue 11-Sat 15 June 01904 623568Cheltenham Everyman Mon 17-Sat 22 June 01242 572573Aylesbury Waterside Mon 24-Sat 29 June 0844 871 7607
  3. 3. 3Nevile Gwynne – a correctionI apologise for mis-spelling both Nevile and Gwynne in thetwo previous issues. When I Googled him his first namecame up as Neville. His name on the cover of his book isN.M.Gwynne so I missed the correct spelling of Nevile.Anyway, my copy of Gwynne’s Grammar has arrived fromAmazon and I hope he will have a book signing before long,preferably in Blackwells.The Seagull in a new version by John Donnelly —as bad asPinterI’ve seen recent productions of The Cherry Orchard and Uncle Vanya and thought them passable if your tasteis for not much happening against a background of gloom and doom usually finishing in a gunshot suicide. Anew version of The Seagull by John Donnelly has all that in spades. The actors are in jeans, the language hasbeen modernised and the dialogue is angry-young-men stuff. Add to this plenty of f-words, some Pinteresquepauses, an onstage simulated copulation and the predictable off-stage gun-shot suicide left me wondering ifthis really is Chekov’s finest. I’d like any better informed readers to tell me how wrong I am. Otherwiseavoid this production at all costs.