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Make Electricity 20121224


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Visit Make Electricity for more information.

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Make Electricity 20121224

  1. 1. Make Electricity A homemade magnetic motor can provide you with a limitless amount of low cost electrical energy. These magnetic motors can be made by utilizing a small number of parts that you can purchase at a local hardware store.The idea of free energy did not start with Nikola Tesla, but it certainly gained a lot of ground with his research. If you want to put together your own version of one of these devices, keep reading.
  2. 2. First things first: A magnetic motor cant create free electrical energy. Anyone who knows about the first law of thermodynamics will tell you that energy cannot be created from thin air, as it is already there. Instead, it is a matter of taking advantage of what already exists. With a magnetic motor you will be able to easily transform magnetic energy into electricity. Tesla was aninnovator. Unfortunately, people do not put much emphasis on his work. Despite the historical evidence concerning the utilization of overunity free power, the magnetic motor is considered a conspiratorial idea or theory by most people.
  3. 3. The magnetic generator creates energy by having one or more magnets fixedon a spinning wheel. Opposing magnetically powered rods repel each other and
  4. 4. make the disc move, thus creating electrical power. Such a device can be utilized to generate electrical power that can run electrical equipment in your home. Fundamentally, that’s all there is to it. You generate electricity and store it.Detailed guidelines for making your own magnetic motor for generating electricity that can run your house can be found all over the web. However, there are a large number of not so great people out there that will attempt to sell you things
  5. 5. that simply do not work, so you need to be cautious. Besides windmills andsolar panels, generation of electricity using magnetic motors is one of the mostinnovative concepts in alternative energy solutions for home owners looking to decrease their power bills and live off the grid.If you are want something that really works, you can find some great magneticmotor designs that have been sold to thousands of customers. Amazing results have been reported everywhere over the world. Anyone can buy one of these
  6. 6. plans and use it to construct a basic magnetic motor within short period of time,using parts procured at a local hardware store. The total cost of putting together one of these motors is only a couple of hundred dollars, and the savings in revenue can really be tremendous. Some people say that these devices cannot possible work, because they go against the law of physics. These people consider it to be a modern version ofperpetual motion, which everyone knows does not exist. However, the magnetic motor does not create something out of nothing. Instead, it creates energy by using magnetism. Scientists have proven this, and more and more people arediscovering it to be true. Look for testimonials of satisfied clients, and you’ll find
  7. 7. many. Investigate what they say about the positive aspects and challenges regarding magnetic motor products. Watch out for the Perendev motor. It is surrounded by a lot of hype and bad information. And the people involved withit might all be in prison right now. There is some good information available, butyou really need to be cautious. There are other ideas out there as well, including the Troy Reed, Bedini, and others. You might consider combining the use of a magnetic motor with other green sources of energy, such as solar power and wind power. You can find simple plans for both of these types of energy all over the place. Using the two in
  8. 8. tandem with magnetic motor electricity generation would be a great idea.Visit Make Electricity for more information.