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Power point 2013 Basic: a tutorial

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Power point 2013 Basic: a tutorial

  1. 1. PowerPoint 2013 basics: A TUTORIAL 10 PowerPoint tools that mean you almost can't miss!
  2. 2. 1. RULERS "Rulers, " "Gridlines" and "Guides" tools should be used whenever there is the need for alignment
  3. 3. 1. Rulers . Click the View menu Then select the items "Rulers, Gridlines and Guides" You may notice that your slide will appear in a grid pattern. This will help a lot when you need to align elements After using the tools, just remove the "checks" and the slide will be clean again : '- 0:. HCHAI I006 IIIHTIIS S2231 11$ flu! u. ..D¢uuu su- o. ::. .. % lfi lnwifllo In vluouihtulvlilv mun 9 psi Ouwflmfit Click to add title um--an-Ann -u-:1-u-no--9-c-1-A-s~a’-3-2--t-a-1-2
  4. 4. 2. SLIDE SIZE Adjusting slide size can be necessary for many reasons, one of which is to accommodate big screens
  5. 5. 2. Slide size A. Click the Design tab B. C. 3 HOME INSKRT T RANSITIONS AMMATTONX The default slide size in ‘A3 A“ _ PowerPoint IS A 3 X ' "' lsquare—likel. The one used most these days, which IS a bit wider, is Widescreen. If you prefer to resize your slides to custom dimensions, click "Custom Slide Size" Then Cl| (k "Slide Size" '2! ‘ Fomul -. .— " ' ’ ‘augvoum: lilhlrlh (uiiomin A window with more information will pop up { _ _ _ so you can adapt the ' . ' ‘l w; .r, '.’. .m slide size the way you _ V _ V emu need to
  6. 6. 3. INSERT AVIDEO Videos can be helpful for an audience to better understand the content of a presentation and make it more dynamic o / T _. T. ‘ I ) l ; _;_l; A, t 1.,
  7. 7. 3. Insert a video nous mm. "mm Auwinous A. Clltik the inset’! tab pm D ". ' ‘*1; 2:“. ~ F‘) In (Bk 4 3- ‘— ; ~.. TE (, D , , _ , _ . _.i , :1 . .. : - . . . ., . .~: ~. ,. __ 3. Click MOVIE £4: 1-an vmmpo-Am 5:: -an P»-no ShIpn5muNICNn wo«¢Ano'mai sia. cum (god u no ' ' Iflulfl ' Abllfl‘ ‘ ONE! ‘ IlI( Nlaflibtl ' ' Cl| Cl( "Video on ‘man mam lliugu iiiuiiuimm lm '. ymbolI sum C. Locate the folder that contains the file D. Then double click the file you want to add and the movie will be added to the slide To avoid corrupting the link between the video and the PPT. make sure you put the presentation file and the movie file in the same folder Another tip is to use as short a name as possible for the video file.
  8. 8. 4. CROP A PICTURE The "Crop" tool can be used for . jpg and . png images. It is used to crop parts of pictures, leaving only the desired elements
  9. 9. 4. Crop a picture . Select and double- click the picture you want to crop The Format tab will appear automatically Click "Crop" Crop the image the way you prefer You can also find more cropping options by clicking the arrow below the "Crop" tool
  10. 10. 5. RESETA PICTURE This tool is used to resize pictures after changing their original size, with no loss of quality
  11. 11. 5. Reset a picture A. Select and double-click the picture you want to reset 3. The Format tab will appear automatically E. On the left side, click the arrow next to "Reset Picture" and then click "Reset Picture & Size" D. The picture will be restored to its original size with no loss of quality
  12. 12. ' Bi E Flfilll The position of a picture can affect the layout and/ or the context of a slide
  13. 13. 6. Rotate a Fl! ‘ picture Select and double-click the picture you want to rotate The Format tab will appear automatically Click "Rotate" Choose the angle to which you want to rotate the image or selected object
  14. 14. 7. REMOVE PICTURE BACKGROUND This tool is very useful when you changethe background color of a slide. It can also add a nice touch to a presentation
  15. 15. 7. Remove picture background A_ Select and double-click the picture from which you want to remove the background The Format tab will open automatically B. Click "Remove Background" C, The picture will then display a pink background with removal lines and handles showing portions to keep and to remove, Most of the time, though, PowerPoint "gets it wrong" and marks areas you don't want to remove D. To adjust for this, click the first button on the top left corner. which is "Mark Areas to Keep. " To edit your picture just click the areas you want to keep. Right next to the Keep button is the "Mark Areas to Remove" button, which can be used when you want to remove something from a picture . ‘.<1‘I iixir. ‘ c ; -.'u. .. .. r. .. . . . . ,n. - l- in-. ... ' l‘. '~-.1‘; <--i u »: s~: -, -3 '14‘, i'ii: .-ii use -.1 i)
  16. 16. 8. ARRANGE OBJECTS It's possible to arrange elements in a slide so they're pushed back or brought forward in relation to other elements
  17. 17. 8. Arrange A. B. C. objects Select and double-click the object you want to arrange The Format tab will appear automatically To place the orange circle to the front. select the object and click “Bring to Front" and then choose "Bring to Front" The difference between "Bring to Front" and "Bring Forward" is that "Bring to Front" will bring a slide element to the front of a group of stacked slide elements, while "Bring Forward" will move a slide element up one placement toward the front in the stacking order
  18. 18. 9. ALIGN The "Align" tool can be used for any element in a slide. This is the best tool for creating a good layout
  19. 19. 9. Alinhar A. Select and double-click the element you want to align The Format tab will appear automatically Click "Align. " Now all you have to do is choose the alignment you want to use To align objects relative to each other, simply select both objects by holding down the shift key and choosing the alignment you want
  20. 20. 10. FORMAT PAINTER Use the "Painter" to copy the formatting applied to an element and add it to another element. This tool can be used for both shapes and text
  21. 21. 10. Format Painter . Select the object that has the formatting you want to copy Click "Home. " then click the "Format Painter" tool Now select the element you want the formatting to be copied to To stop formatting, press ESC . I:. q.i- . - ' I"l‘J' ' . ii. i Illa J fifarinatPIinm M, . 'iIii. i.i. i ii. Ilwltii‘ i. _, .,. i. I: i.-. . . ;5~‘. .-ui-ii» iii. i; izm-iiioiii~ 4. (J
  22. 22. TIPS! Resizing images The correct way to reduce or enlarge Never resize them by pictures and circular shapes is: dragging the endpoints: + 5 - 1 Shift ~
  23. 23. TIPS! To copy and paste a slide from another presentation In Normal Screen View, select the slide you want to copy by right-clicking on the selected slide and then clicking "Copy" Then, in the slide thumbnail pane [where small versions of the the slides can be viewed], right-click the presentation you want to paste the slide to, and then click "Paste" I3 icirn ~ Paste Optiois 3: “.2 ISA To retain the original slide formatting, click the "Paste Options" button that appears on the pasted slide, and then click "Keep Source Formatting"
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