Wattle Grove Primary School - Silkworms in Pre Primary, Room 2 Oct 2013


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  • Wattle Grove Primary School - Silkworms in Pre Primary, Room 2 Oct 2013

    1. 1. Wattle Grove Primary School Wattle Grove Primary School Studying Silkworms Studying Silkworms in Pre Primary, Room 2 in Pre Primary, Room 2
    2. 2. This is a baby silkworm… Suhaila
    3. 3. The silkworm is crawling on a piece of paper… Francis
    4. 4. The silkworm took off his skin for the fourth time… Dwayne
    5. 5. The silkworm took off his back skin using silk and he stretched out of it…  Riverlee
    6. 6. The baby silkworm took his face cap off. Ashlee
    7. 7. This silkworm forgot to make his cocoon. Kyah
    8. 8. This silkworm didn’t make a cocoon, just made a pupae. Nathan  
    9. 9. The silkworms made silk cocoons. Kristel
    10. 10. The silkworms have made the cocoons and have pushed their way out. Bonnie
    11. 11. The little silkworms are eating the Mulberry leaves three times a day. Prithul
    12. 12. The silkworms are getting fatter. They are eating Mulberry leaves four times a day. Riley
    13. 13. The silkworms are eating Mulberry leaves and they are getting fat. Then they will make their cocoons. Rhyanna
    14. 14. The silkworms have been making their cocoons. Holly
    15. 15. The silkworms have made their cocoons. Ayala
    16. 16. The silk moths come out of their cocoons. Brooke
    17. 17. The girl silk moth and the boy silk moth are hugging each other. Kaitlin
    18. 18. The girl silkmoths abdomen is bigger than the boys. Xander Their ears aren’t fluffy… Sienna  
    19. 19. The silkmoth is coming out of the cocoon. Sava He spat at his cocoon to make it soft. Mariae
    20. 20. Their wings are bigger than the girls. Raymond His body is skinnier than the girls body. Noah A boy has fluffy ears. Riann
    21. 21. The silkmoth lays eggs. Elijah The eggs will hatch next year in spring. Jarron
    22. 22. We have been winding the silk off the cocoon.   Room 2
    23. 23. That’s All Folks