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Robogals Visit Wattle Grove


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Robogals Visit Wattle Grove

  1. 1. Robogals visit Wattle Grove Primary
  2. 2. The Robogals are girls who are engineering students at UWA and Murdoch, trying to encourage young girls to think about engineering as a career option. They use Lego Mindstorms Robots to engage girls in interesting fun engineering challenges to help make their point about the engineering option.
  3. 3. ACTIVITY 1. The first challenge was to program their robot to travel in a particular shape that they had decided upon. Not as easy as it sounds…
  4. 4. ACTIVITY 2. The second challenge was to program their robot to travel along a set pathway in this case the black line on the white card. A very tricky task…
  5. 5. That’s all today girls. We hope you had fun…