Year 7 2013 Camp - Parent Information PPT


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Year 7 2013 Camp - Parent Information PPT

  1. 1. Wattle Gove Primary SchoolYear 7 Camp 2013
  2. 2. Year 7 Camp 2013 Where?Goldfields Camp School, Kalgoorlie When?Term 4, Week 4November 4 – November 8 2013
  3. 3. Travel Between Perth and Kalgoorlie:Prospector TrainLeaves East Perth Terminal at 7:00am(Student must check in with their teacherinside the terminal, not the platform, at 6:30am)Arrives Kalgoorlie Terminal at 2:30pmLeaves Kalgoorlie Terminal at 3:00pmArrives East Perth Terminal at 9:45pm
  4. 4. Travel Buses around Kalgoorlie and between activities will bedriven by; Mr Meachem will drive a 25 seater bus with his HR licence Mrs Lavery will drive a 25 seater bus with her HC licence Mr Sanderson will drive the 12 seater busand only requires his car licence
  5. 5. Equipment Students will be given a list of items they are permittedto take with them on camp. Electronic equipment, such as phones andipods, will be permitted. Wattle Grove Primary School does NOT take anyresponsibility for these items, except at the close of eachday, before bedtime, when all electronic items will becollected and secured by staff until the morning. This will ensure all students have a well-earnedsleep, ready for the next days activities.
  6. 6. EquipmentChecklist A packed recessand lunch in aplastic bag willbe required forthe first day onthe train.
  7. 7. SampleMenu Goldfields CampSchool caters forchildren withfood alergies,gluten free, halal,vegan, vegetarianand other dietryrequirements ifneeded. These need to bestated by the endof Term 3.
  8. 8. Students’Duties Students will berostered toperform dutieswhile on camp.
  9. 9. Dorms Students will be allocated dorms for the whole week. They will be permitted to choose one other student theywould like in their dorm with them. Remember, this is an opportunity for students to workand play together and to develop memories that will lasta lifetime. It is important that ALL studentshave the opportunities to build onthese memories with as manydifferent students as they can
  10. 10. Money Students will be permitted to take money on camp. This will allow them to purchase souvenirs from many ofthe tourist sights we will visit. However, we are limiting the amount to $50. Wattle Grove Primary Schoolis NOT responsible for anymonies brought along oncamp by your child
  11. 11. Goldfields Camp SchoolSatellite Picture of GCS Map of GCS
  12. 12. Goldfields Camp School
  13. 13. Itinerary as at Term 2 2013 (subject to change)
  14. 14. WA Museum Kalgoorlie-Boulder
  15. 15. Hammond Park
  16. 16. Hannan Street
  17. 17. Kambalda
  18. 18. Royal FlyingDoctor ServiceKalgoorlie Schoolof the AirBushTwo-Up
  19. 19. Map of the City of Kalgoorlie Population:32 000
  20. 20. Cost The cost for camp includes; Prospector train Perth to Kalgoorlie and return Bus Hire Four (4) nights accommodation All meals and entry to tourist sites The final cost to parents is $300. You may start paying in small increments each week toassist with payment
  21. 21. Thank You Thank you for attending today’s parent informationafternoon regarding the Wattle Grove Primary SchoolYear 7 camp for 2013 If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask atany time Debbie MacKenzie, Stuart Meachem,Doretta Lavery, Paul Sherlock, Carl Sanderson