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How to Dominate the Internet with SEO without Breaking a Sweat


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In September, Mike Stewart of SMB SEO presented at the MetroTex Association of Realtors in Dallas Tx at the Grapevine Convention Center. The presentation offered practical and simple advice to local real estate agents struggling to rank high on search engines after the recent Google Penguin and Panda algorithm changes.

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How to Dominate the Internet with SEO without Breaking a Sweat

  1. 1. Twitter: @smbSEO How to Dominate the internet without breaking a sweat for Real Estate Professionals
  2. 2. What Do All of These Things Have in Common???? They became Obsolete!!!!! (Don’t be obsolete. DotCom 2.0 is now.)
  3. 3. The three main parts to online marketing The search engine Social Media sites Your Your onlinewebsite connections Reviews & Ratings Local Listings Links to and from other sites
  4. 4. Part 1:Search Engines
  5. 5. SERPS Search Engine Results PageSThis iswhatthe userseeswhentheyconducta search
  6. 6. SERPSAnatomy of a SERP Paid Advertising, aka PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Local Listings: Fed by online connections Unpaid search results, aka "Organic": comes from your website
  7. 7. Pay Per Click AdvertisingChoose ad Target Example: 1st time buyer, age 36, married, with children.
  8. 8. Pay Per Click Advertising Keyword SelectionGoogle lets you search for keywords by your website, competitors website, word or phrase, or category Dont guess: Use Google Keywords Tool.
  9. 9. Pay Per Click Advertising Ad Creation Create a Compelling Headline based on target ex. "Your Dream Home Awaits You" Create a call to action that invokes your keywordsex. "Ask us about our FREE guide for first time homebuyers and our no-hassle home financing program." Give them a reason to act quickly ex. "Limited Time Offer. Call now!"
  10. 10. Pay Per Click AdvertisingCheck Results: Google Analytics Revise your ads as needed.
  11. 11. Part 2: Your Website
  12. 12. Your Websites Basic ElementsMaking your site visible to the search engines Search friendly URL Title meta description Page Content
  13. 13. Search Friendly URLs Remember: If the search engine cannot see you, your website does not get indexed and does not appear when people search for you.Search engines can see this URL engines cant see this one
  14. 14. Titles & Meta DescriptionsJust like a person, a website has a head a body
  15. 15. Titles & Meta DescriptionsEvery head needs a face The title of your webpage is like its eyes- the first thing a user notices, and very important for conveying what your webpage is all about.
  16. 16. Titles & Meta Descriptions The description, like a mouth for your websites head, tells the user what great things they can expect to get when they come and visit your webpage.
  17. 17. Titles & Meta Descriptions A title like this "Dallas Real Estate, Texas | Dallas Condos & Homes for Sale" A description like this, "Dallas Real Estate by VIP Realty. View MLS Listings & Virtual Tours. Over 60,000 homes for sale. List for 0% commission! Buying? Receive 1.5% Cash Rebate." Gives results that look like this!
  18. 18. Titles & Meta Descriptions Remember: Pretty faces attract more visitorsAdding a strong title and description to your webpage canincrease the click-through rates by 100%!! It doesnt helpto get your webpage to the top of the search enginerankings if your listings arent attracting attention.
  19. 19. Page Content: Three main questions Is itrelevant? Is it fresh? Is it unique?
  20. 20. Is it Relevant?(and why it matters) source:, "How Google Search Works"
  21. 21. Is it Fresh? How Google judges freshnessBy date
  22. 22. Is it Fresh? How Google judges freshnessBy amount of change
  23. 23. Is it Fresh? How Google judges freshnessBy frequency of changes
  24. 24. Is it Fresh? How Google judges freshnessBy percentage of new pages created
  25. 25. Is it Fresh? How Google judges freshness (continued)By importance of content changes
  26. 26. Is it Fresh? How Google judges freshness (continued)By rate of new link growth
  27. 27. Is it Fresh? How Google judges freshness (continued)By who is linking to you
  28. 28. Is it Fresh? How Google judges freshness (continued)By how relevant the content is to the links
  29. 29. Is it Fresh? How Google judges freshness (continued)By length of time visitors spend on your site
  30. 30. Is it Fresh? How Google judges freshness (continued)By average age of search results
  31. 31. Is it Unique?In part due to low usage, Say NO! to content recyclingthe proliferation ofexcellent property-search tools on realestate websites, and theinfrastructurechallenge posed by theimpending retirement ofthe Google BaseAPI (used by listingproviders to submit Recycling content makeslistings), we’ve decided Google a sad discontinue the realestate feature withinGoogle Maps onFebruary 10, 2011. Replacing low-quality content with fresh, unique content, contributed to a significant impact on search rankings-- an improvement of 30% for more than half the pages measured and a 10% or greater improvement for 80% of the pages. - source: The SEO Impact of Fresh Content on Large Sites by
  32. 32. Page Content: Creating Content that Works Research Embed keywords supporting video or add picturesOrganize with tags Repeat Add title and Keywords description in content (use plugin for WordPress)
  33. 33. Part 3: Your Online ConnectionsLinks are roads to success
  34. 34. Building Prominance Rhymes with Dominance! Links to and from yourCitations website &Mentions Local Listings Ratings & Reviews Location Popularity Social Media Indicators
  35. 35. Citations & MentionsMentions do not include contact information Citations include business contact information and can, but do not always, include links.
  36. 36. Ratings & Reviews Important note: Google views Website with more positive sites with only positive than negative rankings or reviews skeptically. A few reviews negative reviews can actually HELP credibility. Website with neutral rankings or reviews Website with more negative than positive rankings or reviewsWebsite with only negative rankings or reviews Website with no rankings or reviews
  37. 37. Social Media Indicators Voice: Your brand mentions Engagement: Number of Pins & repins vs. Your competitions times user talks to you on social media sites Sentiment: How people talking aboutLikes & Shares your brand actually Volume: Total brand feel about it. mentions over time Key Influence Mentions: Mobile Mentions: Number of mentions Number of mentions Retweets by users with large on mobile search sites & Favorites and loyal followings
  38. 38. Social Media Indicators Platform Reach: Number of social media platforms Pins & repins where your brand appears.Likes & Shares Social Click-Thrus: How often people click to follow your links or to visit your web properties. Retweets & Favorites
  39. 39. Links Ways to build them! Submit Create a press Provide Ask for Submit to RSS contestPut your releases Give Away them webwebsite Email Content from directories on all Newsletters such as sites you & referenceprinted eBooks respect & sitesmaterial & in blogs you emails read Have your website professionally translatedCaution: Check out websites before Note: Joining a professional linking back to them. Make sure organization or chamber of their content is relevant to yours commerce is a great way to build and offers value to your visitors. links that gain your site credibility!
  40. 40. Local ListingsLocal Listings A Few Examples of Local Listing “Optimization” Sites: CitySearch.comFeed into Google Maps No Local listings = No Google maps = Customers cannot find you easily.
  41. 41. Location PopularityWorks like property values, with high popularity in onelocation increasing popularity in all locations. $$ $$$$$ More searches near your Popular locations location get more searches increases the $$ number of chances to be found online $$
  42. 42. Location Popularity Ways to Increase Location Popularity Encourage Partner with Offer Free WiFivisitors to use Register nearby to visitors or social media location as businesses to donate to a non- check-in historic site (if host special profit or college services like applicable) events foursquare
  43. 43. Local Listings StrategiesFor Home Based Real Estate Agents
  44. 44. Local Listings Strategies For Home Based Real Estate Agents Plano List your business by its service area, not by its actual Keller address.Frisco Allen
  45. 45. Local Listings StrategiesFor Home Based Real Estate Agents You can do this under Googles service areas and location settings tab when filling out your Google plus profile.
  46. 46. Local Listings StrategiesFor Home Based Real Estate Agents Create trust and legitimacy through solid content that shows you know your business - and your customers.
  47. 47. Mike Stewart "The Dallas SEO Guru" Contact Me Address: 801 Forest Ridge Dr. Ste. 104 Bedford Tx 76022 Cell: 972-998-0050 Email: Twitter: @smbSEO LinkedIn: Mike Stewart