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Information regarding Tutor Doctor of Richmond

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Trifolded Steven Magat

  1. 1. One One learning at homeon One One learning at homeon The leader in providing affordable one-on-one supplementary education in North America. “We Make House Calls!” “The service that I receive from Tutor Doctor is fantastic. The tutor they have been sending to my home is professional & polite. Most importantly they are a constant resource that my daughter feels comfortable to approach to help her with homework & studying skills, which prior to working with Tutor Doctor was a constant source of stress & frustration. I have seen her confidence rebuilt & her grades steadily improve. I only wish that I found Tutor Doctor sooner!” Marisa - parent of Jordie, Age 16 Ontario, Canada moc.rotcodrotut.www 3011.219.408
  2. 2. Tutor Doctor is a firm believer in building a strong academic foundation to help students succeed. Our team of instructors across North America includes Bachelor, Master, and PhD academics, as well as certified teachers. We believe that everyone can learn, given the right structure and motivator. At the same time, we recognize that all students learn differently; therefore, we design our programs to suit each student’s individual needs. Tutor Doctor complements your unique program with a selection of the best instructors, each of whom is trained to motivate your child to learn better. Our specialized programs address each student’s missing conceptual gaps, review and master current expectations and requirements, and then move even beyond these, working ahead in the curriculum to help your child stay ahead of the class. Learning shouldn’t be a chore, and so we at Tutor Doctor make it fun. Tutor Doctor has been helping students to learn smarter in the educational industry for over 10 years. Our students see improvements quickly -marks typically rise between 10 and 20 percent within the first six months. Our Mission: Through our global network of Franchisees, Tutor Doctor serves as an educational catalyst, delivering improved academic performance, greater |self-esteem, and impacting the lives of tens of thousands of children and students around the world. Each instructor has specialized experience, and, collectively, our team covers a vast array of subject areas with all age groups.We are dedicated both to providing our students with the most qualified educators available, and ensuring that the chemistry between your instructor and you makes for a positive and productive learning experience. Our specialized methodology and programs are custom-tailored. We bring out the best in our students by capitalizing on their individual strengths. We initially diagnose their abilities and challenges, and then we use this data to assist us in helping them learn with focus and confidence. “Can you afford not to invest in your child’s education and future?”