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Summary of the 5 Walking dead websites


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I have analysised the 5 different websites i found about the Walking Dead series

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Summary of the 5 Walking dead websites

  1. 1. Summary of the 5 websites that I have found By Elliot Maunder
  2. 2. In this presentation I am going to be doing asummary about 5 websites which are about theAmerican TV series The Walking Dead and I amgoing to be analysing each website and sayingwhich website has more information about theseries
  3. 3. The History of the ShowThe Walking Dead was originally a comic book series writtenand created by Robert Kirkman which have been verysuccessful and the comic book series was first issued in 2003and has won awards such as the Eisner Award for BestContinuing Series in 2010The Walking Dead first came out in 2010 and the first episodegot a view of 5.35 million the show got great reviews so theshow got renewed for a second season with extended amountof episodes. The second season went successfully and gotnominated for different awards such as the writers guild ofAmerica award and the golden globe awards and the show eversince has been renewed for a third and forth season inDecember 2012 . The TV show has great reviews especially forthe season 3 premiere with 10.9 million views.Ever since the walking dead has been on TV further things havedeveloped e.g. different videos games released for the showect.
  4. 4. Website oneThe first website that I found with informationabout the walking dead was channel 5 . Thereis quite a bit of information on this websitebut the information is not that informative itonly has episodes to view a brief informationpage about the characters for example it justexplains who a character is and that’s all theinformation they provide for them. Thewebsite also shows cast photos and somevideo clips so I find that channel 5 doesprovide information but not a lot ofinformation which goes into detail about theTV series.
  5. 5. Website 2The second website that I found provides muchmore information than the last one because thewebsite provides information such as characterprofiles episodes games, a news letter photosshop ect but the website still provides basicinformation about the TV show and itscharacters it still have a brief description aboutthe characters and it doesnt go into detailabout the characters so this website is animprovement from the first one but it still isntcompletely up to scratch
  6. 6. Website 3The third website provides very littleinformation about the TV show , thewebsite is mainly to promote thewalking dead magazine because thepages which are displayed are newsand features which just describeswhats in the latest issue and thereother links showing you how todescribe to the walking deadmagazine and how you can purchaseback issues so this website doesn’tprovides no information about the TVshow just promotes the magazine .
  7. 7. Website 4The forth website that I found provides all theinformation that you can get about the walking dead ithas different sections talking about the TV show , thecomic book, the video games and it has characterprofiles for every single character in the seriesincluding characters which have only appeared onceand it tells you everything about the characters , thereback storys all about them before the show and it tellsevery moment they had in the show and it even tellsyou information about what the characters killed e.g.number of zombies killed , characters that have beenkilled ect.The other good thing about this website is that it tellsyou the whole story about the walking dead in perfectdetail explaining what happens every moment and italso explains what happened in the past before thezombie outbreak began.
  8. 8. Website 5The fifth website does provide someinformation about the show for exampleit shows an episode guide giving a briefdescription about each episode and it alsogives you the opportunity to watchepisodes online and it lets you view theactors profiles who star in the show andprovides information about the pastshows that the actors have started in andthe website also shows the publicsreviews about the show so the websitedoes provide a brief description about theTV show but it doesn’t give all theinformation that it should do.
  9. 9. ConclusionOverall I think that the forthwebsite that I found providesthe most information becausethe walking dead wiki websiteprovides all the information thatyou could ever need about theTV show, the characters, the plotect and it also goes into backstory information and characterswhich have only had a brief rolein the TV show so walking deadwiki is the best website that Ihave found yet for informationabout the TV show .