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Voxe hold up presentation

  1. 1. Challenge: How to encourage people to add content to voxe?Hold Ups @ Open World Forum, Paris & Toulouse Business SchoolFor the hold up @ Toulouse Business School, there were 19 participants.
  2. 2. Concept 1 : Vox Populi (Hold-Up @ Paris)Du vin et des élections. Tous les deux mois les personnes intéresséespar vox se rejoignent dans un bar forment des équipes, et durant 30min les personnes uploadent des propositions quils ont recensé. Celavise à promouvoir ce réflexe, pour que les gens continuent chez euxensuite. 2 mois plus tard, une nouvelle soirée à lieu.
  3. 3. Concept 1 (Hold-Up @ Toulouse)Instead of having just Facebook and twitter share buttons, transform thisinto: Start a debate on Facebook option which would trigger discussion on the submitted propositions Ask a friend to translate the proposition option so that more people could understand the propositions Trust it button to know how many readers agree with that proposition. It is similar to the Like button on Facebook
  4. 4. Concept 2 : Play your voxe (Hold-Up @ Paris)Les personnes attribuent des badges pour la qualité des contenusuploadé à un des membres de la communauté. Celui ci obtient ensuitele droit dorganiser les apéros locaux vox pour se faire de nouveauxpotes.
  5. 5. Concept 2 (Hold-Up @ Toulouse) Whenever some one writes a proposition on voxe, they should have an option to make their submission appear on their facebook status. For example, John submitted a proposition on Voxe.org. Fact Check it should appear as Johns Facebook status along with a link to the proposition on voxe. Also, there should be invite your friends to add propositions option should appear when the submit a proposition so that the users can invite friends from Facebook/twitter/email
  6. 6. Concept 3 : Les partis & voxe (Hold-Up @ Paris)Mécanique pour impliquer les partis afin quils uploadent leurspropositions. à chaque fois quun parti réalise un changement, lesautres partis sont mis au courant.
  7. 7. Concept 3 (Hold-Up @ Toulouse) There should also be an Open chat on the proposition along with sharing options so that you can chat with people who are online on voxe. There should News feed about the most searched/discussed topics - HOT ones on the front page of voxe. Also, option to create a Poster (with candidates they are comparing and their propositions on it) to put in colleges etc. to make people aware and lead people to check them on voxe.org
  8. 8. Concept 4 : Voxe War (Hold-Up @ Paris)Les participants se mettent en équipe et uploadent des propositions, àchaque fois quils mettent une proposition ils gagnent un point, ilspeuvent fact checker les propositions des autres équipes, et si ellessont fausses cela leur retire un point.
  9. 9. Concept 4 (Hold-Up @ Toulouse) The active members who put a lot of trustful propositions get virtual certificates (stating John has 70% trusted propositions on Voxe) that they can post on Facebook. Whenever someone enters a proposition, they also have an option to vote for the candidate they support (it can also appear on the main page along with the news feed) similar to an Opinion poll. Also there should be references to Professional political analysts giving candidate reviews of those who are featured on voxe below the news feed.