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Make sense taddei hold up mindmap


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Mindmap of the ideas developped during the MakeSense Taddei Hold-Up

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Make sense taddei hold up mindmap

  1. 1. offline games prisoner ball tabou soccer pictionnary 10 ways to make pictionnary online common drawing on google doc What have you learn today a scientific published a paper on my thesis find pictures on google images times up learn that CSR is evil collaborative moodboard online How games can be used for education ( open source, evolving, online & offline ) / trivial pursuit presidente word is used a 100 times less that constraints no money president design something from shapes monopoly draw something and someone add something to cultural tool for economic and politic change make it better junglespeed two people have to make the same drawing but my boss is going to get married tomorrow can t talk each others majong common points between pictures i don t remember treasure map discribe a picture with other pictures F.C barcelone top collaborators Ive learn to not follow the rules social game on facebook ( facebook karaoke pictionnionary ) gray peace brigade you can talk with a politicial as a human being draw something from a random wikipedia article wow online games la reussite Red car ideas you shoot the guy i learned about scientific games trust friends to confront cultures 10 ideas of games to confront cutures Music second life board games wikipedia team karaoke affinities find ways to cheat an article about about the impact of the french language picture description farmville fun family pornstar thematics how to interact with tribes draw a map starcraft frequency of interactions lady gaga marketing team use another language to explain to your team put your mood of the day and have the mood of cities all around the world common values poker Yunus use insults food games they know how 2 deal with conflicts question pour un champion online guess the mood on the face of somebody christian play with the name of people you hate habits play another cultural game chevron environemental game scientific expeditions drink and takes drugs when wrong and right hierarchy of words they know each other well Tetris do a games on cultural stereotypes complimentimataries revolutionnary teams in maghreb sleeping games explain jokes in other language wallbraker tolerants strip version explain expression of other languages ouverture facile dirty secrets of people who are playing say nice things about the people mashmallow games learn about things you dont know about people play music together ( soundcloud like ) foursquare Nouveau noeud you make your team guess the person only by cargames explaining how great is the person google the person start with the city and destroy everything 10 ways to make sim city non educative games change the dirty secrets by constructing tax paradise blockos feedbacks buy your friends make a present to confort theme about their in a park / 10 atlas on the floor geomaster dirty secrets find some oil classroom kids separated in two teams each one sim city something to teach each other you dont have to go out of your home with a map funny stories destroy your friends life electric applications / light no light age of empire only two choices make other people laugh walking on a map enigmatic games ( prince of persia) only one choice icebraker at the beginning of the game to learn agree on an answer in a map people counter strike ( shooting games ) jobs you can take : gangsters / prostitute flechettes memorize good things about people you have nothing to build blindly ( go left / go left ) invent dirty secrets for you and someone else no rules Map & petanque balls common dirty secrets between people everything is fake ball game a draw cards I have never game progression is fair progression unfair ask everyone to answer - paris is moscow give a prize to the dirtiest secret you have feedback immediately you learn bank trading ( ponderate ) you proress according to what you give the rules changes everyday guessing good actions people guess which city your are targetting you can do a revolution rules changes like in biology something unusual that happened to you you progress from you teach the other make it in black and white and pixels making it good action to be forgivven. start revolution when things not fair help the others to get friends help the others to keep your connections you have to propose things you have a tree of scenarios to progress you have to innovateyou collectively decide who is going to progressunfair rules you dont kno / when you know youchange it work together unlock rewards and choose what you do with it collective rewards / common goods you can reward other people for what they are doing recycling things in SIM CITY you can share tips with your friends