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Beckett steven project4


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Beckett steven project4

  1. 1. Why should you have a mobile website?
  2. 2. HTML5 and FlashFlash is more widely accepted at the current timeHTML5 is the future of the web and is catching on fast
  3. 3. current tech to make websitesmore accessible on all devicesuser agent detectionHTML5FlashCSS3
  4. 4. HTML5 Vs Flash
  5. 5. Bad websites for mobile
  6. 6. Bad Mobile Websites
  7. 7. Good Mobile Websites
  8. 8. Good Mobile Websites
  9. 9. Reference’s‐13415_53‐10227397‐11.html  
  10. 10. Photo References (‐runway‐ready/Diles/2009/12/1209‐rr‐dooney‐mobile.jpg)‐‐content/uploads/2011/03/ipads‐and‐smarthphones.jpg‐1F1gqv4/TU7VTkqnYLI/AAAAAAAAAAg/DFmTI25iO‐Y/s640/Cell‐Phone‐Usage.gif‐content/uploads/2011/03/xoom‐resized.png‐iphone‐ofDicial‐1.jpg‐desire‐3‐540x334.jpg?1273763510!/home.php