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Senior sem scriptt

  1. 1. Siriben SomboonStudent: Hello My name is Siriben Somboon. I’m seventeen years old and I haveattended ISB for about 7 years. I was born on July 11, 1994. I am taking senior seminarthis semester. In senior seminar, we learned about 4 ways of knowing. Language,perception, reason and emotion. We used 4 ways of knowing to govern how we take inand interpret things. Today I will be talking about how different ways of knowing haveaffected my learning experiences in the community service field.Interviewer: What is a specific example of your learning experiences in the communityservice that have affected you as a student?Student: A specific example of my learning experiences in the community service thathave affected me as a student is Baan Rachawadee community service.Student: Baan Rachawadee is a community service club that helps physically ormentally disable children on Wednesday from 2 pm to 4 pm. This club brings physicallyor mentally disable children to school and we take care/entertain them by walking themaround the school, taking them to the library to play games or take them to the art classto draw or paint.Interviewer: Why did you choose this experience?Student: I choose this experience because I have been doing Baan Rachawadee forthe past 4 years. Baan Rachawadee has influenced me in many ways. For example,making me understand more about people who are very different from us. These peopleare unable to perform a simple activity that normal human could, such as walking, eatingor talking. Helping less fortunate people have always been my interest because my dadalways tells me how fortunate I am and I should help less fortunate people.Interviewer: Therefore, in reflecting and giving us an overall introduction about BaanRachawadee, how has emotion affect your understanding of the experience in BaanRachawadee?Student: Emotion has greatly impacted me on my understanding of the experience inBaan Rachawadee. When I was in a good mood, I was able to produce a better resultthan when I was in a bad mood by taking better care of the children and being morepatient when the children need something. This connects to the James Lange theory,that how my performance is affected by my mood. I also have more motivation in doingsomething when I am in a good mood.Interviewer: What theory could explain your performance?
  2. 2. Student: Yerkes Dodson graph is a graph that shows the relationship between arousaland performance. It shows that as you increase your arousal, your task performancealso increases, but only to a certain point. After that certain point, if you increase yourarousal, your task performance would decrease. This theory helps me understand moreabout how much arousal I should have to performance the best.Too much/little arousalwould lead me to lower performances. For example, when I was stress about school andI went to do Baan Rachawadee, I didn’t perform as well as when I wasn’t too stress.James Lange theory stated that emotion come after physical stimulus. Since most of theBaan Rachawadee children are mentally/physically disable children, they use bodylanguage/face expression to communicate with me. Through body language/faceexpression, I can understand their emotions. For example, when they don’t like a toy,they would throw the toy away or scream which then make me realize that they don’tlike/fear the toy.Interviewer: How has your emotion affected your perception when doing BaanRachawadee?Student: I tend to lean forward to selectivity of perception when I was in a bad moodwhen I did Baan Rachawadee. When I was in a bad mood and stressed about the examor homework, I tend to concentrate more on thinking about my homework and examrather than paying full attention toward the Baan Rachawadee children. Instead ofconcentrating on the kid and looking at their face expression, I tend to distract myselfand ignore their face expression and find them as pushy and selfish.Sometimes I based my perspective and opinion on by existed expectations when I seenew Baan Rachawadee children. I expect them to be similar to one of the BaanRachawadee people that I saw. For example if the new Baan Rachawadee kid can walk,I expect he/she to either cannot talk or problem with their brain. If the new BaanRachawadee kid cannot walk, I expect he/she to have a normal brain, but problem withhis/her body.Interviewer: How has your emotion affected your reason when doing BaanRachawadee?Student: At 3:30 pm, we have to take the Baan Rachawadee children back to feed themfood. One time, before 3:30 pm, one of the Baan Rachawadee children told me she washungry. I was not supposed to give the Baan Rachawadee child food until 3:30 pm, but Ifelt sympathy for the child. That time I bought the child snack and I regretted it. The childdidn’t want to eat the prepared food at 3:30 pm.One of the reasons why I gave the Baan Rachawadee child snack that time wasbecause I used inductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning is the reasoning that goes fromthe particular to the general. I have been seeing many children eat snacks before dinnerand they could finish their dinner, so I assumed that this apply to everyone. I thought
  3. 3. that the Baan Rachawadee child would be able to eat food at 3:30 pm even if shealready had snack. There is a problem with this reasoning because I make a conclusionfrom a small sample and try to apply it to a particular situation.Interviewer: So how has language affect your understanding of the experience in BaanRachawadee?Student: Since it is hard to communicate with the Baan Rachawadee children,sometimes I just use body language and expectations to communicate with them. Forexample when I was feeding the child food, when the child raised his/her hand, i justassumed that the child needed water and I just give him/her water. There is a problemwith relying on body language since there are a lot of expectation and confirmation biassince the meaning that is being passed on to other people through body language mightbe interpret differently.Interviewer: What did you gain from doing this community service?Student: I gained to be more patience and I knew that by doing a small thing to helpothers can make a difference in someone else’s life. For example, by doing BaanRachawadee every Wednesday, the children could have fun; enjoy their day at theschool and they would look forward to come and enjoy their day every week.Interviewer: What do you know about yourself that will change how you approachlearning in the future?Student: Through the studies in Theory of Knowledge, I know that emotion can affectmy performance in community service. By using emotion and reason, I could choosewhat to do that is best for me. I need to have a balance between emotion and reason tochoose what to do in the future. First it was hard for me to communicate with the BaanRachawadee kids, but after going through these theories, I was able to communicatebetter with them and understand more about them.