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Jamie rowe


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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Jamie rowe

  1. 1. Jamie Rowe<br />Jordan high FCCLAJordan high schoolSandy UtahPacificOccupational early childhood <br />
  2. 2. Table of content<br />Planning process<br />Course work<br />Documentation of experience<br />Lesson plans<br />Evidence of skills<br />Evidence of developmental knowledge <br />
  3. 3. Planning Process<br />
  4. 4. Identify concerns<br />Plan a science activity for 4-5 year olds in a preschool setting for the topic given at competition. <br />Plan resources to bring to competition that will facilitate the activity I will be preparing.<br />Set A Goal <br />We want to come up with a variety of ideas and resources for preschool science activates.<br />Practice teaching science in to a preschool student.<br />Plan science activity for given topic at competition. <br />Form A Plan<br />Prepare science centers for preschool<br />Teach science centers in preschool<br />Organize and gather resource materials for resource container<br />Review age appropriate science activities from several sources.<br />Keep a record of successful activities and the materials used.<br />
  5. 5. Act<br />Using the resources available to me from home and at school, I assembled my resource container with several items that will help me quickly prepare a science activity for a small group of 4-5 year old. I taught several lessons in preschool that include science activates, and I practiced using different themes for those activities.<br />Follow Up<br />My resource container contained a variety of resources that made it possible for me to prepare an interesting, age appropriate activity. I felt confident and prepared for the competition. It was exciting to share this activity with other members of my FCCLA chapter.<br />
  6. 6. Course work of experiences <br />
  7. 7. my guidance paper<br />Jamie Rowe<br />Guidance paper<br />FHS 2600/ B day<br /> <br /> I think that guidance in a setting with children is important. I think that it means to provide the child with more positive way of thinking without violence. It’s a way for you to direct the children in a way that they will be learning while learning good behaviors and ways to solve problems. I also think that it means that the child will have the necessary guide lines to learn more and grow.<br /> <br /> I think that the goal of guidance is for the child to think before they act and stop things before they actually happen. Guidance should be a thing that helps the child to make better choices and further their knowledge of good ways to act. If children have a good and positive example of guidance I think that the goal of it will be to teach the child that wrong behaviors or things that they know they should not be doing are bad and will make them stop in their tracks before they do it. The goal is to show them the right and make them enjoy doing what right and being safe.<br /> <br /> I learned that guidance is a necessary thing when it comes to teaching and being around children. It keeps them safe and keeps other safe. It is a positive and more effective way of teaching children. With guidance it helps them learn and grow more than it would to always being disciplined. I learned that guidance is the most effective way of doing things. <br />
  8. 8. my licensing quiz paper<br />Jamie Rowe<br />Licensing quiz<br />FHS2600 B-day<br /> After completing this licensing quiz my reaction to these rules and regulations is that some are common sense and we should have already known them. But others kind of surprised me. Like Such as having the child health, napping , discipline and animals. Once I completed it and read through the things it made more sense as in to why they make the rules that way. The rules seemed good to me because they just seemed like they where a good way to take precaution. <br /> Some of the things that I thing I think where more lenient was the way that you could have twice as many children at nap time as long as you have the number of the teacher or they aren’t to far away. The food and nutrition seemed more lenient to me because of the way that parents can bring food for there child it the allergies that some children have it just kind of surprised me. The ones that seems more strict to me is the medications also the diapering washing hands and pets. These seemed more strict to me because it has like listed rules that are a step to step process that they have to follow.<br /> Some rules that I might add is that parents that bring lunch or snacks for there children should let the child care cent know before hand if they will be bring things for there child unless the child comes in with it and wants to finish. I would also add more cleaning time like between the washing of mats or coats because sometimes the children don’t use the same mat every times. But I like that the mats aren’t aloud to be touching during storage because I think that that will keep the germ problem and sickness down.<br />
  9. 9. My Philosophy Paper <br />My Philosophy <br />Jamie Rowe <br />B-day<br /> My personal philosophy consist of three main parts. Which are Punishment, out door and indoor activity’s. These things have smaller things that fight in these main categorizes that will be explained in my next paragraphs. Punishment I don’t think that its right to punish a child if you can use your words and help them find a better solution to that problem. Also don’t be to quick to yell or do time outs because that’s not teaching the child anything but that they will be in trouble for a little while and go back and to the same thing that they where doing in the first place. To me I think children need to be possessively reinforced because if there getting attention for the bad things they will just keep doing it because children like to show off they like to have that attention. Out door activity's I think that out door activity's should be fun for the child. The should reinforce skills that cant happen in the class room. Children should run, play, jump rope (or at least try), and play games that will help them gain skills and communicate better with each other. Children need that fresh air. Also letting them go out in all different times of the year will help them start to recognize different seasons. In door activity's should teach something and should still catch the child's eye even if the child would rather be outside. The in door activity's need to have a variety because not everyone is into the same thing and if they child isn’t interested then they will be getting into trouble. This is my philosophy. I've learned some of these things from observing many children within the day care my mom owned and the preschool she teaches now. Also from my niece and nephews and the way the interact with other children. So punishment out door and in door activity's are the main things in my philosophy.<br />
  10. 10. My Local Program Paper<br />Jamie Rowe<br />Local programs paper<br />B days <br /> In this paper I am going to be talking about all the different benefits of different preschools. Such as the Montessori approach the behaviorist approach and the developmental approach.<br /> In the Evergreen Montessori academy school I think that the benefits are that the children are aloud to explore the multi-age class rooms which in my opinion makes it easy for them to explore with being friends and getting along with people that are not only there age but older or younger which will help them in years to come. I like the way that in there toddler group they did the out doors stuff within the indoor such as digging and caring for the environment. I think that this not only will help them learn things about the outdoors but its giving them the hands on approach that I think they should always be able to get. The learning Spanish once a week is a pretty cool thing to because with how are society is growing these days that what we need.<br /> In the behaviorist approach schools I saw that its more discipline and learning the ways of things which I think is good. I think that with being disciplined it helps you so that you aren't always goofing off and even though its a preschool I think that it helps the child focuses and learn more and it will take them further in life then someone who isn't. The way It shows how it helps children's behaviors.<br /> In the developmental preschools I saw a lot of work in the fine and gross motor skills which is very important. I also so a lot of writing and letter recognition. I think that those things are definitely important because the more the child knows the further he or she goes in life I think that those are some pretty important and good things. I think that activities involved in the developmental schools are some of the funniest one that I saw.<br /> I think that there are good benefits in any kind of preschool or school there is. I've seen how different all three of these types of schools are but I've also seen how some personality’s and people would definitely succeed in them.<br />
  11. 11. Lesson plans<br />
  12. 12. Jamie Rowe Rowe<br />4-5<br />music<br />Duck duck goose<br />This will help the children learn to take turns with each other. This will also help to expand there patients and how longs they can show there patients. This could also be used as a social activity so that you get some of the more shy children to interact with some of the more out going students.<br />These skill are important because as they grow and begin to further there education they will have to interact more with other children and other adults. Also with some things it is really important that people have patients and with them already learning it will become more of a habit now and be easier later.<br />
  13. 13. In a clear empty space where they wont run into things.<br />All the children need is themselves and someone to help instruct them.<br />In this activity the children will need to sit in a small circle on the ground and have one child start. The first child walks around the room and taps the head of all the other children in the circle and they will say duck duck duck goose tell they find the which child they’d like the choose. Then they run around the circle tell one of the children sit down or get tagged. Making sure tell all the children get a turn and then you could switch animals and play again.<br />Have the children walk and not run around the circles and have all the children say it with you when you say Duck Duck Goose. Have the older children be more careful with the younger one.<br />7. Evaluation: How will you evaluate the children's achievement?<br />I will evaluate the children but watching them before and after we do that activity. With the way they take turns and their patients.<br />
  14. 14. Jamie Rowe<br />4-5 year olds<br />Science<br />Making pizzas <br />Help them learn to see what happens when foods are in high tempters. <br />So they don’t touch the hot foods after they are taken out of the oven or microwave.<br />
  15. 15. You will need a table and in the oven.<br />You will need to have cheese, dough, sauce and other toppings you would like them to have. Also will need a popsicle stick and a pan <br />Have the children wash there hands. Then take a piece of tinfoil and lay it down on the table. Then give the children a piece of the dough and some sauce. Then have the children spread the sauce with the popsicle stick that you will be giving them. Give the children a little bit of cheese for them to put on top of the sauce. After that they will need to put whatever else you have on top. Ex: pepperoni, ham. When they are all done with that talk about how you are going to put it in the oven and how when its done the cheese will be melted and look different then it did when you put it in the oven. <br />Have some that are pre made ones and just talk about the before and after of the foods.<br />7. Evaluation: How will you evaluate the children's achievement?<br />Ask them questions about what you have just taught them. Also you could ask them what happens when you touch hot things or cold things ext. <br />
  16. 16. Jamie Rowe<br />4-5 year olds<br />Art<br />Prince and Princess crowns<br />To learn about fairy tales. Also to make them feel good and like they are princess and princes.<br />If the child has better self esteem it will help them go further in life. It will help them wont to do more things. Also if helps them have a good imagination with learning about fairy tales and about different things that have to do with fairy tales.<br />
  17. 17. You will need to be sitting at a table<br />You will need paper cut out of crowns, glitter, glue and crayons.<br />Have children color a crown any way they want. Explain that in fairy tale there is usually a princess or prince king or queen. Then put glue all over it or where ever they would like it and sprinkle glitter on it. After help them cut it out and measure it on their head. Write princess, prince, king or queen on the crown, whichever they want.<br />If you have special needs students just have more people around so there is more guidance. If you have multiple ages in one class room have more older things for them to do or younger things that have to do with princess or princes. <br />7. Evaluation: How will you evaluate the children's achievement?<br />Watch and observe them and the way they use the scissors glue and crayons. If they are older and they know that they shouldn’t color out side the lines just keep reminding them about it. <br />
  18. 18. Evidence of skills<br />
  19. 19. I was telling them the story of humpty dumpty. Then they where telling it back to me in their own words.<br />
  20. 20. For snack we decided it would be an exciting experience for the children to make their own pizzas <br />
  21. 21. We are reading a story about a little boy who ends up having pancakes for dinner. So we are making butter for our pancakes we made for snack.<br />
  22. 22. Reading is a big part of our preschool. We love to read all different kinds of books that teach us new things.<br />
  23. 23. We were playing go fish to help the children recognize the upper and lower case letters <br />
  24. 24. We like to make tall patters. With our blocks. We also like to count them to see how tall we are and how many blocks it takes.<br />
  25. 25. We were preparing for Valentines day by having them children make their Valentines day pouch.<br />
  26. 26. Evidence of Developmental knowledge <br />