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The Perfect Email webinar


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SimpleRelevance helps e-commerce stores send The Perfect Email to their customers, automatically. What is The Perfect Email? It's a well designed, personalized note that is mathematically optimized to get your customers to convert (and buy.)

Best of all, our email is guaranteed to generate more money for you than we charge - and if we don't we will automatically give you that month for free.

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The Perfect Email webinar

  1. 1. Generate More RevenueWith The Perfect Email Marketing
  2. 2. About the Speakers Erik Severinghaus - Founder/CEO SimpleRelevance Former Consulting Partner (IBM) & Co-Founding Team (iContact) 312-569-9431 Phil Davis - CEO Rapleaf Former President (ConsumerBase) & Senior Vice President (Equifax) 224-456-2300
  3. 3. Agenda1) Importance2) Design3) Data4) Automation5) Get Started
  4. 4. Media Reach Percentage of People Who Weekly Daily Send or Receive Email Get News Play GamesUse Social Networking Sites Read Books Watch Movies Shop Read Magazines 0 20 40 60 80 Source: Pew Research Center, 2012
  5. 5. Email is Still King Return on Investment per $1 Spent 5037.5 2512.5 0 Mobile Social Display Search Email Source: Direct Marketing Association
  6. 6. Magento Merchants1500011250 7500 3750 0 US Stores Analyzed Accept Email Signups Sent An Email After 3 Months Source: Internal Research
  7. 7. Magento Merchants1500011250 84% of 7500 Companies Ignore 3750 Their Customers 0 US Stores Analyzed Accept Email Signups Sent An Email After 3 Months Source: Internal Research
  8. 8. Magento Merchants15001125 89% of 750 Companies Don’t Personalize 375 Their Email 0 Sent An Email After 3 Months Unpersonalized Personalized Source: Internal Research
  9. 9. Missed Opportunity Website Revenue Lost Revenue From Neglected or Unpersonalized Email 32% 68% Source: Internal Research
  10. 10. Why?“Time Starved and Task Focused” limited staff varied technical skill varied marketing skill 70% of e-commerce retailers have 1-10 employees Source: ConstantContact Q42011 Investor Presentation & Internal Research
  11. 11. Help!
  12. 12. The SolutionProfessionally DesignedPersonalized with Data Automated
  13. 13. The Result: (week one)
  14. 14. Design Clean VisualMobile & Tablet Friendly
  15. 15. ← Before After →
  16. 16. DataPersonalize the Message Optimize Relentlessly Great First Impression
  17. 17. Where to StartStart by getting to know your customers
  18. 18. a customer signs up for youremail list or logs into your site with an email
  19. 19. But That Doesn’t Tell You Much
  20. 20. Who
  21. 21. Who a guy?
  22. 22. Who a girl?
  23. 23. Who married with kids?
  24. 24. The Best Data On Email You will now know your customers age, gender, marital status, home owner status, income and so much more.
  25. 25. Why Is That Important?
  26. 26. Armed with that knowledge, your perfect email will include customized subject lines,relevant images, engaging content and best possible call to action.
  27. 27. Customized Offers Gender Based Gender Based Email + Marital Status Increase Engagement !Jane, John,Tired of holiday shopping for your Looking for a way to show your wife justloved ones? You deserve it: how much they mean to you? Treat them to a day at ABC Spa. SheTreat yourself to a day of relaxation at deserves it. $25 off $100 purchase.ABC Spa: $25 off $100 purchase.
  28. 28. The Solution√ Professionally Designed√ Personalized with Data Automated
  29. 29. Automate
  30. 30. Enjoy your free money :)
  31. 31. Get Started Today 30 Day Free Trial free money :) Enjoy your SimpleRelevance Guarantee 312-569-9770