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  1. 1. QR codes Finding articles• Aim:• Aware of QR codes and it’s uses in modern day life.• Personal http://www.uel.ac.uk/lls/search/ databases/• Leisure• Education
  2. 2. / A few QR codes created http://www.uel.ac.uk/lls/search/athens/ http://infoskills.uelconnect.org.uk/ / http://www.uel.ac.uk/lls/libraryandolympics/
  3. 3. What is a QR code• QR codes are quick • Once your phone has response codes or a this, you are ready to barcode take a picture of the• A phone needs to have: codes which will then• A camera link your phone to a webpage or any other• A QR code reader content application installed.•
  4. 4. Why would anybody want to use a QR code• Scanning a QR code and In one Metro newspaper which most storing or accessing data Tube users will pick up, there were 12 QR codes for: directly to your phone • Postcode lottery may be quicker than • Feedback to Metro writing a url down and • Travel to Poland for the football games typing it into your phone’s • Air France travel deals internet browser later • Vodaphone deals • Pearson College• Increasingly QR codes • Villas can be seen on printed • Yoga classes • City jobs newspapers, journals, • Birkbeck University articles, can of drinks • Clinical trials• Some lecturers are • Jobsite • Increasingly it is becoming part of creating QR codes for normal life and most people don’t carry their lecture slides laptops or pcs around with them. On the other hand most of us have
  5. 5. How we are/could be using QR codes• On our Library • Advertise opening hours. Search, you will find a QR • The Olympics information code. • Working with lecturers to• A good number of our embed the library QR students already use their codes into their phones to access the programme and module Library Search handbooks.• Once scanned, you can • Feedback save the title, author and • The codes need to add class number of the book value.• Ask a librarian • Students will need to be• E resources tutored in this new way.• etc
  6. 6. Scanning a QR code with your phone• Most phones should have a QR • Go to the internet and search for code reader QR code reader just to see what• If not, comes up.• You need to install a QR code • Which one you choose may reader application on your depend on whether you have an phone. Android or an iPhone• It must be compatible with your • You may want to also search for phone. e.g QR code reader for Android or• Just installing any QR code reader Nokia, etc. application onto your phone may mean your phone will not be able to scan a QR code.• So when searching for one on the Internet, make sure it is compatible with your phone
  7. 7. http://www.upcode.mobi/• I choose the above because it is recommended for my Nokia x6 which is an Android• It is free• My phone has enough memory to down load the QR code reader application
  8. 8. Once you are happy with one, note the URL• Go to your phone internet browser• Type the URL• Proceed to download the QR code reader application
  9. 9. Installing QR code reader on your e.g. Android phoneFrom your phone’s Click on Install. Appmenu, select Applications
  10. 10. As you can see my phone does not have a QR code reader app. P1010431.mov From this Installed app. Page, click on Options, Click on download application, proceed to download the
  11. 11. Finally a QR code reader app. installed • This is very fiddly, however once you install the application, you are ready to go. • It is important that you know how much it will cost you to download data. • For me the cost is part of my monthly subscription
  12. 12. http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ Try creating you own code via this QR-Code generator
  13. 13. Alternatively, we have a QR code creator which came as part of ourText service which we will be launching soon.Let me know if you want more information about this.