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Using the Library Search to locate print books, to locate and read electronic books, to place a reservation and manage your library account

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  1. 1. Locating materialsLearning outcome:• Able to locate print materials• Able to locate and read electronic books• Able to place a reservation• Able to manage your library account
  2. 2. Library Search• Our Library search • How many copies there allows you to: are and so on.• Search for print books • You are able to reserve• Electronic books a book as well as• Print journals manage your Library account, etc.• Electronic articles • You can if you wish do• You can locate where an much more e.g. build item is located in any of your own mini Library our Libraries• Where it is shelved
  3. 3. From the University Homepage - Services
  4. 4. Click on Services, then Library and Learning Services
  5. 5. Click on Finding ResourcesUsing Library Search to find materials on your reading list, etc.
  6. 6. Library Search – Full Library Search
  7. 7. Type the title of the book - Always sign inType the title where you know the title of the book
  8. 8. Sign in with your username and password
  9. 9. Type the title of the book: CitizenshipLook in your programme or module handbook for recommended readinglist
  10. 10. Click on Get It to see more detailsClick on Get It for more details e.g. which of our libraries has a copy
  11. 11. Note the shelved at No.
  12. 12. Use the self service machineYou need your PIN to take books out with the self service machine
  13. 13. Where you have the title and the author’s nameType only the author’s surname and the first word of the title of thebook
  14. 14. Where you have a topic but no title or author’s nameType the topic for example citizenship education – the result will beMany and may not be relevant to your needs.
  15. 15. RESERVING A BOOK – Click on RequestYou can reserve a book that is on loan to another user or is locatedat a different campus
  16. 16. Placing a requestChoose which campus you would like to collect the book from
  17. 17. My Account -To check details of your loan or if you have a fine, or to change yourPIN – Go to My Account
  18. 18. Checking when loan is due backDetails of your account will appear - check to see when your booksare due back
  19. 19. ELECTRONIC BOOKS• The Library has a growing collection of ebooks which can be read on and off campus.• They can be downloaded for up to seven days• Notes can be made and saved without defacing the book.• You can search for topics within the books
  20. 20. Searching for online books on citizenship
  21. 21. Refine My results – Electronic books
  22. 22. 23 electronic books on citizenship
  23. 23. To read the electronic bookScroll down to find the title you want to read – Click on View It –Click on Online resource
  24. 24. Type your Athens username and password e.g. uel13u123456 and 22Oct12Your Athens username allows shows you are a student at UEL and givesyou access to online resourcesWhilst off campus and in the case of electronic books on/off campus
  25. 25. Download or read online
  26. 26. Proceed to readYou can copy or print some pages