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Free Substance Abuse Assessment in Jupiter FL


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Find free substance abuse assessment in jupiter fl.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Free Substance Abuse Assessment in Jupiter FL

  1. 1. The Major Benefits of Counseling during Rehab and Recovery The counseling that is involved with drug and alcohol rehab is where the majority of substance abuse assessment and healing happens during the recovery process. One of the many benefits of counseling is that it can help patients overcome destructive behaviors and habits. Eventually, patients will learn to cope with stressful or strongly emotional situations and avoid potential triggers to go on to lead healthy and productive lives. Motivation – Often patients who have just come through detox and are just beginning the rehab process are not motivated to make more big changes in their lives. By using a motivational counseling method, counselors encourage patients to find the motivation within themselves to keep going with the program. During counseling, patients are given reasons why it is important to stick with the program and make these essential life changes. Relationship Building and Rebuilding – Often during addiction, patients have broken relationship with spouses, partners, children, parents, friends, and other loved ones. Building these relationships back up can be one of the most essential parts of recovery. As part of many rehab programs and substance abuse assessments, the families and friends of patients are asked to participate in therapy. Sometimes the essential members of the family and friend group will be asked to come to a counseling session without the person going through the addiction recovery program. This is useful because then all parties involved have a chance to get some individual help and healing. Relapse Prevention and Aftercare – Since relapse is an ever present danger for all of those patients who have been through a recovery program, planning prevention and proactive aftercare is essential. There are going to be trigger situations that patients encounter once the program is complete. There are going to be emotional pressures, stressful situations, and personal hardships that will make a former addict want to become an active addict again. In counseling, patients will learn how to cope with these kinds of situations, to recognize the signs before it is too late and to find the resources that can be used to prevent relapse. Part of the prevention and aftercare plan will be using the family and friend relationships that were cultivated earlier on. Learning good prevention and aftercare tools can mean the difference between a small slip and a full relapse. Call 1-800-411-9200 now to find out more about substance abuse assessment and counseling options