List of tactics used in content marketing to attract


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Content Marketing - Hot topic for SEO's and PR gurus, novice. My List of content marketing tactics used by me. Feel to add your list. Siddharth Chaudhry

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List of tactics used in content marketing to attract

  1. 1. 4/26/2011SIDDHARTH CHAUDHRY  CONTENT MARKETING – VARIOUS TACTICS  List of tactics used in content marketing to attract, engage and have their trust in you. | sid
  2. 2. Content Marketing is agreed by many experts as one of the major factor indriving traffic, attracting new customers, engaging them and getting theirmoney in your pocket. It all makes sense from a marketing perspective asthe main goal of any website, organization, marketing guru is how his skillsor expertise can increase the revenue, can do the branding, can createawareness. SEO’s and PR experts have been pushing a lot on the clientsand in house on how important content has become. In order to createcontent one has to understand the traffic, the goals, the audience and whatis the method which is making the most sense. Marketing is like hit and trymost of the time. You have ideas and try and figure out which one works.Social Media may work for apparel industry while it may not work for anindustrial washers manufacturing company.But my problem is when marketers limit themselves to only certain kind ofcontent types or methods of content marketing. To be competitive and alsoto be at the top it is most important to have a mix of content marketingtechniques and strategies in order to provide relevant information, sharingand consuming it. This matters the most because content is the mouth ofthe funnel which would convert into a sale, into branding.Here is my list of content marketing that I have been using. Certainly wecan add some methods into it which I may not be aware of it.  Article Marketing – How to blogs, articles  Blogging  Images & Info graphics  Microsites
  3. 3.  News Releases  Press Releases  Print Magazines  Print Newspapers  Social Quiz  Social Games (this one sounds confusing – yes mobile gaming along with branding is good advertisement this days)  Videos about products, services  Podcasts  Webinars  White Papers  Special Events  Cause related Marketing  Promotions  Emails  Wikipedia (providing images, adding content to already published articles)The list is not complete you can definitely add some more to it. The abovelist is what I have been using in the role of Online Marketing Manager at mycurrent job. You can certainly add to this list or get the one that is relatedto your industry.Get in touch with me:I am also looking for a full time opportunity in the field of ONLINEMARKETING.
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