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Briggs power pointpresentationpart2.doc

  1. 1. Sibel Briggs Ed. 330 First Grade
  2. 2. Instructional Strategies KWLs  KWL is an effective strategy for making basic steps of inquiry visible for students.  What does KWL stand for?  K-What do you know? W-What do you want to know? L- What did you learn?  This works great for any topic and is a fantastic way to start kids out with thinking!
  3. 3. Instructional Strategies cont… Think Alouds  Great for demonstrating a new skill.  Example: “I can see that the author used shapes to make the house, like a triangle, and a square”. “ I wonder what other shapes the author can use?”  This helps students think about what could come next in the text. 
  4. 4. Instructional Strategies cont… Three-Minute Pause  10-15 minutes=stop class!  Ask students three questions: 1. What did you experience? 2. Identify an interesting aspect of what you experienced. 3. Identify confusion and try to clear it up.  This is a great strategy because it helps kids think all the time and keeps the information fresh!
  5. 5. Classroom Management Strategies  Music stops, Task is done! Fun way to get students to do a task  First, turn on music.  Students clean up area, or task, as fast as possible.  Music stops, task of cleaning has to be done!   If the task is not done, students get marked down for minute of missed recess. Each time they don’t get a task done, a minute is added for recess time! Great incentive for students to get their cleaning tasks done 
  6. 6. Classroom Management Strategies cont… Bell rings, sit in desk and work on opener:  Teacher lays worksheet on all the students desks.  Bell rings, students come in and sit down and get to work on their task.  When finished, raise hand and then read quietly.  Works great to get students in a routine and have them know exactly what to expect in the morning. 
  7. 7. Team building “Getting to know” your students strategy Two Truths and a Lie:     Students write down three statements about themselves, two truth, one lie. Students go around in a circle guessing what is true and what is a lie. Fun ice-breaker! Fun activity to help students get to know each other!
  8. 8. References   Becky Finnels First grade classroom* *I learned a lot of these strategies from student teaching.