A brief report on automobile technical training


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I have tracked the employability enhancement steps certain automobile companies have taken to bridge the skills gap in the Industry. This is a continuation of my initial steps to move towards creating blueprints for other entities across industries to get ideas to do their bit for employability enhancement and thereby contribute to Nation Building

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A brief report on automobile technical training

  1. 1. Automobile Technical Training –A report 1.0An auto maker set up a Technical Training Academy . The initiative has been taken asSouth India is one of the most crucial markets of the company. As per this initiative,They are providing technical training for their after-sales support workers. A SHRAVAN SHETTY RESEARCH REPORT Companies tracked in this report Include : 3
  2. 2.  A Automobile player referred to as Company # 1 has partnered with industrial and technical training institutes all across India to create the A Technical Education Program (TEP). Over 1000 students from these institutes have benefited from this Program so far, with over 400 students undergoing training on the latest automotive technology and service techniques every year. The curriculum of this Program includes on-the-job training at Their dealerships. With the help of TEP, training institutes will be able to develop a highly skilled technical workforce. Professionals are not trained for the repair and diagnostics of the latest models of vehicles available in the market. TEP aims to correct this imbalance by partnering with local training institutes and industry bodies. These highly qualified students then have the option to join the Dealers, where they get the opportunity to consistently provide “ Q Service” customers. 2009 saw the widening of this program to include Automotive Body and Paint Repair. This first of its kind curriculum in India in partnership with State Government provides the students with unique skills in automotive accident repair. TEP program is fast becoming a benchmark in imparting vocation technical training and looking at the immense benefits to the automotive service industry and the society at large.
  3. 3.  A Technical Academy (TA) has been set up by Company #2 is set up in order for the company be ahead of the auto industry needs and update the existing college syllabus. This well-resourced teaching school is imparting multi-level technical knowledge to the technicians from Kerala and Karnataka. The classroom lectures are intermixed with practical training which is given on the shop floor. Up till now the academy had trained 110 students in seven batches, each batch consisting of 15 students.
  4. 4. Steps Details Certificate AwardedStep 1 13 Training Certified Days Technician  Scheduled continuous in-house theoretical and practical trainingStep 2 3-5 Training Expert are imparted. Days Technician  They also many times take the assistance of Vendors and otherStep 3 Written Master experts for these training sessions. Test, Technician Practical and Viva  In Step 1, the candidates are selected by the respective dealers and are sent to Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) for training.  On the other hand, in Step 2, the certification is divided in three divisions namely Engine, Chassis, and Electrical.  The training period of each is of three to five days.  While Step 3 mainly focuses on defect diagnosing skills of the trainees on the car.
  5. 5.  The representatives from , to make amendments in the syllabus of the technical institutions, participated and recommended additions of budding technology for periodic revision of course outline. This course is perfect for the students who have done ITI courses in diesel and automobile engineering. As far as the job nature is concerned, the applicants with automobile engineering background are trained as either Trainee Technicians or Trainee Service Advisors. The selected candidates are extended on both practical and theoretical job training. Recruiting process is quite simple here. The ground level candidates in the company, if found appropriate are considered for the post of trainee service advisor. The new trainees are given training for one year maximum until and unless he/she is prepared to perform duties as a service advisor.
  6. 6.  In spite of all this, there are certain challenges that the company is facing. As per the estimates, the basic problem is that 40 to 50 percent of rural institute students are BE candidates. Secondly, 10 to 15 percent students have some back subjects to clear before getting into a job. Thirdly, 15 percent of the candidates hope to join traditional family business. Fourthly, 10 to 15 percent of good students are taken by manufacturers for field services or for production purpose. Lastly, 5 percent are girl candidates who have problem in relocating.
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