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  1. 1. Pg 1 The Brain And the Question By: Minho Lee Power-point presentation about the brain. COPYRIGHT
  2. 2. Pg 2 Before we begin… • Contents • Pg 3 About the brain. • Pg 4 Brain cells and Neurons • Pg 5 The big Question • Pg 6 Awesome facts • Pg 7 How we can become Einstein • Pg 8 Why I want to study… • Pg 9 The full story brain • Pg 10 To Conclude • Pg 11 Bibliography
  3. 3. Pg 3 About the brain • Our brain is the commander of our body. • The brain sends messages with the nerves to all the body parts. • Our brain has to be healthy Simply click on the brain part to get info about it. To get simple info about these parts, go here previous next Home
  4. 4. Pg 4 Brain cells and Neurons • Actually, Brain cells and Neurons, are practically the same. • Neurons travel around the brain and the body • Neurons are also called ‘Nervous cells’. • These are as compulsory as the brain. • There are two types of Neurons. previous next Home
  5. 5. The big question. Pg 5 Why does the Brain become smarter when we learn? • We learn something new or when we make a new experience what happens? • Our brain cells connecting together are called synapses. • We speak a language better if we hear it more often. previous next Home
  6. 6. Pg 6 7 Awesome facts • Did you know your skin weighs more than your brain? • Did you know that your brain is made of more of grey matter* than white matter*? • Did you know your smart brain is able to have billions of ideas? • Did you know your brain can’t feel pain? • Did you know your brain uses some electricity? • Did you know video games are good for you in some way? • Did you know your brain uses lots of your body's energy, but it doesn’t weigh much of your body? *go here to get information about White matter and here to get info about Grey matter previous next Home
  7. 7. Pg 7 How we can become Einstein • What do you think we can become as smart as Einstein? • (a) Studying really hard until your brain pops ? • (b) Impossible? • If you chose (a), your wrong and people who chose (b), you can’t say much. • It’s hard work but for some people, reading may be their hobby. • It increases your general knowledge too. How can this be harmful? previous next Home
  8. 8. Why I want to study…. Pg 8 (about ‘the question’) • The reason why I want to study Why the Brain becomes smarter when we learn. a. What brain cells and neurons do and what they are, b. If memory is required in becoming smarter, and c. It tells me how we can become smarter. • This question has led me to these sub-questions and I learnt a lot doing research. previous next Home
  9. 9. Pg 9 The full story about the brain. • The brain was studied in war times. • The brain controls the brain cells and the neurons. • I explained only six parts of the brain but there are 8. previous next Home
  10. 10. Pg 10 To Conclude • This Power-point presentation is mainly about my big question. • My sub-questions weren’t very successful. • The answer to my question was…. • The reason why I wanted to study this question was… previous next Home
  11. 11. Pg 11 Bibliography • http://www.thethinkingbusiness.co.uk/brain_facts.html • http://www.ces.purdue.edu/providerparent/Child%20Gro wth-Development/BrainDev.htm • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_matter • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_matter • http://www.mamashealth.com/organs/brain2.asp • http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/arti cle3639884.ece • http://www.google.com/ • Animal brain info-http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/facts.html previous next Home
  12. 12. Pg 12 What now? • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation • By Minho Lee • The End • Thank you for watching Home