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Final Presentation Part 2


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Published in: Education
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Final Presentation Part 2

  1. 1. !   We signed people up during their lunch periods and hung up posters around the school.
  2. 2. !   go to the fire department and warn them about possibly needing EMS.!   contact life south to make sure they were still coming, never answered my calls.
  3. 3. !   Wanted 350 people to sign up for the blood drive.!   Got 220 people signed up
  4. 4. !   organizing the sign up book!   writing tickets to go get people!   organizing the permission slips and tickets into time slots
  5. 5.  talkedwith Mr. Peacock’s classes What was going to happen the next day What they needed to wear.
  6. 6. !  It helped me know more about the process of giving blood.
  7. 7.   Got to the school at 6:30 AM  Helped set up  8:00 AM Mr. Peacocks classes started to arrive.  8:30 AM they went and got people to start donating blood