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Sarah Harwerth-De Marco Trade Show Portfolio


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This portfolio shows a range of trade show and environmental graphics created for agency clients and in-house marketing departments.

Published in: Design
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Sarah Harwerth-De Marco Trade Show Portfolio

  1. 1. Trade Show Portfolio Sarah Harwerth-De Marco
  2. 2. Polyglass 10’ x 20’ Peninsula Design Created design using existing 10’ x 10’ hardware sets to create booth that would work in the 10’ x 20’ space.
  3. 3. Custom Seal Banner Set Created design to allow banners to be used separately or together as a set to make a 10’ x 10’ trade show booth.
  4. 4. EagleView 20’ x 40’ Booth Design A start-up client had a tight budget but a large booth space. I created a design for a 20’ x 40’ booth using 10’ x 10’ pop-ups, oversized banners, rented pieces and an existing hanging header. The space needed to include demo areas, seating and a conference table space. Using a booth designer found online, I created the renderings of the booth and how it could fit into the space. The individual elements could then be used throughout the year at other smaller events.
  5. 5. EagleView / Pictometry Peninsula Booth With two companies merging right before one of the largest industry trade shows, the booth was quickly adapted to demonstrate the strengths of both companies and how they would help the industry together.
  6. 6. EcoStar 10’ x 10’ Pop-up Booth Design created to work for smaller regional trade show around the country and reflected a recent rebrand.
  7. 7. NWIR Oversized Banner Stand Created banner stand to be used in 10’x10’ booths. Left room in the booth for additional elements and allowed the banner to be used at other events in smaller spaces.
  8. 8. Texas Traditions Banner Stand Created banner stand that could be used at networking events, in the office and at home shows to supplement their roofing displays. The design coordinated with existing collateral.
  9. 9. EagleView HR 10’ x 10’ EagleView competes in the Seattle marketing for talent against the likes of Amazon and MicroSoft. The company invested in some larger spaces at career fairs and needed a 10’ x 10’. This design coordinated with literature and give-a-ways.
  10. 10. Acme Cone 10’ x 10’ Booth Acme Cone recently rebranded and updated their booth to reflect the new visual style.