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Teachn99 unit+10 +week+1,2,3-complete

  1. 1. Unit 10: Week 1 describe Describe is to tell in words how someone or something looks, feels, or acts. Ex: John described the panda he saw at the zoo. understand When you understand something, you know what it means. Ex: The children understand why they need to cross the street with an adult. Unit 10: Week 1 Texture is the way something feels. Ex: I like the soft and fuzzy texture of my puppy’s fur. Unit 10: Week 1 texture confused Unit 10: Week 1 Confused means to feel mixed up or not sure of something. Ex: I was confused about which lunch bag was mine because they all looked the same.
  2. 2. When you create something, you make it or invent it yourself. Ex: Some artists create paintings and others create sculptures. When you imagine something, you picture it in your mind. Ex: I like to imagine what it would be like to go to the moon. Unit 10: Week 2 Unit 10: Week 2 imagine create insist Unit 10: Week 1 When you insist on something, you strongly say it. Ex: The boy insisted that the book was his, not his brother’s. When something is extraordinary, it is unusually wonderful or strange. Ex: The extraordinary man can walk on his hands. Unit 10: Week 2 extraordinary
  3. 3. When you explore a place, you look around to discover what is there. Ex: The scientists explored the forest, looking for unusual plants. To be curious means to want very much to find out about something. Ex: Tim was curious about what was in the big box that his father brought home. Unit 10: Week 3 Unit 10: Week 3 curious explore The design of something is it’s shape, style, and color. Ex: The blanket on Marty’s bed has a star on it. Unit 10: Week 2 design When you decorate something, you put things on it to make it look nice. Ex: We can decorate an old cardboard box with paper cutouts and paint. Unit 10: Week 2 decorate
  4. 4. The final one is the last one. Ex: At the end of the day, the final thing I do is turn off the classroom lights. Unit 10: Week 3 final Splendid means very good or excellent. Ex: Our class put on a splendid show. Everyone sang and danced beautifully. Unit 10 Week 3 splendid To consider means to think hard about something. Ex: I must consider which present will be best for my dad. Unit 10: Week 3 consider