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  1. 1. Stefanadis C et al, J Am Col Cardiol 2001 April ΔΤ - Percutanenous Coronary InterventionsΔΤ - Percutanenous Coronary Interventions
  2. 2. Coronary Thermography • Thermal heterogeneity exists in vivo in atherosclerotic plaque • Statins decrease thermal heterogeneity possibly by anti-inflammatory mechanism • Thermal heterogeneity in the culprit lesion is a prognostic factor for adverse cardiac events after percutaneous interventions • Is thermal heterogeneity a sensitive marker for future cardiac events?
  3. 3. Primary end point: Death, MI, TLR in 12 months Secondary end points: -Procedural complications -Cost effectiveness over 12 months Stenting of culprit lesion only Stenting of culprit + non-culprit lesions Randomization Non-culprit lesion(s) with > 0.10O C ∆T Patients with ACS and multivessel disease THERMO ACS: Culprit or Multivessel Revascularization based on Thermography in patients with ACS
  4. 4. …… Thermography Beyond Coronary ArteriesThermography Beyond Coronary Arteries