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Acc booth inventory


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SHAPE Society

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Acc booth inventory

  1. 1. ACC/AEHA Exhibition • March 30, 31, April 1, 2003 • 9 am – 5 pm • Booth # (Will know Friday, February 14, 2003) • “Ecode” on Friday AM
  2. 2. AEHAAEHA VP SymposiumVP Symposium Proposed AEHA Booth Mission: Search for and Treat the Vulnerable PatientMission: Search for and Treat the Vulnerable Patient
  3. 3. ACC Booth Inventory • Booth (10 x 20) • Table • Director Chairs (3) Tall • Carpet • Electrical outlets (4) • Lead Card Reader • Merchant Account Reader • DVD/TV player • Plants • Internet Access • Wireless connection • Laptop • Booth Banner/Graphics • Camcorder/Tripod for In- booth Interviews • Membership Poster • Handouts – Membership Application – Symposium Brochure w/info sticker • Giveaways – Magellan GPS (raffle) • In search of the Vulnerable Patient – Dove Chocolates – AEHA CD • Waste Baskets (2)
  4. 4. Magellan Magellan Meridian Platinum GPS devices: Magellan® Meridian® Platinum is the ultimate GPS receiver for the serious navigator, featuring a 3-axis electronic compass that provides rock steady readings regardless of how you hold the unit. A built-in barometer gives you advance notice on the weather, and an extensive, 16 MB, built-in mapping database shows your position to within 3 meters or better. Rugged, weather-proof design, large display, intuitive operation and nearly unlimited expandability make the Meridian Platinum an incomparable GPS receiver ACC Booth Giveaway..ACC Booth Giveaway..GPS (one each day)GPS (one each day) In search of the Vulnerable PatientIn search of the Vulnerable Patient
  5. 5. AEHA Membership Handout AEHAAEHA WantsWants YouYou ““Join AEHAJoin AEHA And get aAnd get a chance to winchance to win a Magellana Magellan GPS Device”GPS Device”
  6. 6. ACC Handout 5th VP Symposium Brochure 55thth Vulnerable SymposiumVulnerable Symposium If you missed this, catch it at If you missed this, catch it at Join us at the 6 Join us at the 6thth at AHA! at AHA!
  7. 7. AEHA Website Needs Immediate Membership sign-up page
  8. 8. AEHA of TomorrowAEHA of Tomorrow ProfessionalProfessional PatientPatient IndustryIndustry Lite MembershipMembership ConsumerConsumer PagePage RoundtableRoundtable AEHAAEHA FoundationFoundation AEHA Technologies, Inc.AEHA Technologies, Inc. MAReNIRMAReNIR Technologies, Inc.Technologies, Inc. HeartSentry, Inc.HeartSentry, Inc. EF, Inc.EF, Inc. LicensingLicensing ActivityActivity Vaccine Initiative.Vaccine Initiative.