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Non diegetic sounds


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Published in: Automotive
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Non diegetic sounds

  1. 1. Non-diegetic sounds
  2. 2. Non-diegetic sounds we will use • A continuous beating of a drum to create suspense to the audience. • Loud screams used to help create a sense of fear. • Dialogue of a phone call to the police overlapping the montage. This helps explain the narrative to the audience when watching it. • Echoes are used to give off a ghostly effect to the audience and help them remember the words that are being said as they are helpful in understanding the narrative. • In ‘The conjuring’ there are many scene which use non-diegetic sounds, for instant the part when they are all sitting down on the table you here someone speaking but you cant see their face. This is a good use of non-diegtic sounds.
  3. 3. Diegetic sound • Diegetic sounds which we re going to use are going to be dialogue, screams slamming of doors. • By doing this it will set a realist scene and setting to the audience when watching the trailer. • TwSM