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Pennsylvania good 1


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Pennsylvania good 1

  1. 1. By Daniel Dixon
  2. 2.  Why did I choose Pennsylvania as my interest project? Who established Pennsylvania? How was it established? What does the word Pennsylvania mean?
  3. 3.  The three places I would visit are: Pittsburgh Philadelphia Hershey Steelers game Liberty bell and eat a Philly cheese steak Hershey bar factory and Hershey park.
  4. 4.  The capitol of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg Harrisburg is in the southern part of Pennsylvania
  5. 5.  In2000 the population in Pennsylvania was 12,281,054. Philadelphia had 1,517,550 people in 2000. Michigan had 9,938,444 Detroit had 951,270 people Philadelphia has more people than Detroit Pennsylvania easily tops Michigan
  6. 6.  January: 38/23 degrees Fahrenheit February:41/25 degrees Fahrenheit March:51/33 degrees Fahrenheit April:63/42 degrees Fahrenheit May:73/51 degrees Fahrenheit June:81/61 degrees Fahrenheit July:86/66 degrees Fahrenheit August:84/69 degrees Fahrenheit September:77/61 degrees Fahrenheit October:64/45 degrees Fahrenheit November:53/36 degrees Fahrenheit December:42/28 degrees Fahrenheit
  7. 7. The state of Pennsylvania is in the middle of the Mid Atlantic Region. Pennsylvania has Five Major Land Regions The Appalachian Plateau Appalachian Ridge Piedmont Erie Lowlands The Atlantic Coastal Plain. The Appalachian Plateau holds most of the state’snatural resources. It also has the worlds first successful oil well. Rich coal is also found here.
  8. 8. The Appalachian Ridge has steep andnarrow mountains and many valleys.The Piedmont has nice farmland. Itattracted German and Swiss farmers.The Costal Plains and the Erie Lowlandsare the smallest and closest regions towater.
  9. 9.  New Jersey Ney York Delaware Maryland West Virginia Ohio
  10. 10. “Virtue, Liberty, Independence”
  11. 11.  Pennsylvania became a state in 1787 One of the original 13 colonies Benjamin Franklin started the first public library in Philadelphia Declaration of Independence Signed 1776 1794 the first major hard surfaced road was opened between Philadelphia and Lancaster.
  12. 12.  485 miles from Detroit, MI to Harrisburg, PA. It would take about 8 hours and 40 minutes driving at 55 mph.