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  1. 1. Everything You Need To Know About CALIFORNIA!BY: PARIS HAPPELl & COLIN MCNEAL Business Presentations October 18, 2012
  2. 2. What We Will Cover• Important history/how it was established• Recent News• Facts about the flag• Tourist attractions• State symbols and icons
  3. 3. State Website
  4. 4. Sacramento• Capitol was going to be moved to these locations: a. Oakland b. San Jose c. Berkley d. Monterey• Sacramento,California a. building used for museum/ working area
  5. 5. Geographic Location/SizeLength:770 milesWidth:250 milesTotal:163,700 sq miles
  6. 6. California State Symbols and IconsState Animal: Grizzly BearState Bird: California Valley QuailState Fish: California Golden TroutState Flower: California PoppyCalifornia Motto: Eureka ... I have found it!!
  7. 7. Colleges and UniversitiesTop 4 Colleges/University1.) Stanford University, California2.) University of California, Berkeley3.) University of California, Los Angeles4.) California Institute of TechnologyMost Popular University1.) University of Berkeley
  8. 8. The History of California!California Gold Rush o Began in 1848, ended 1852 o James Marshall: Sutters MillThe Transcontinental Railroad o Created by Theodore Judah & four other men o Began being built: 1886 o Completed in: 1889
  9. 9. Major Tourist Attractions• Hollywood o Home to Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios, Kodak Theatre• Golden Gate Bridge o largest suspension bridge in world o connects San Francisco and Marin County• Disneyland o Hundreds of rides, restaurants, shops, and attractions
  10. 10. Our State SongThis is a video of the original California State song that was sung in 1951.
  11. 11. Population• Results from 2011: 37,691,912 o Population increase by 15 million over a 30 year time span o Los Angeles: 3,792,621 o San Diego: 1,307,402
  12. 12. About the Flag• First raised on June 14, 1846 o American settlers revolting against the rule of Mexico o originally painted by William Todd• Star taken from lone star of Texas• Bear: Numerous grizzly bears that used to live in CA• "California Republic": Pioneers who settled in territory
  13. 13. "The Golden State"• California Gold Rush, 1848 o First piece of gold:January 24, 1848 o James Marshall• California Poppies o Gold color in springtime• Official in 1968First gold found here!• Sutters Mill
  14. 14. What Is Going On InCalifornia Right Now? • • Starbucks gets digital tip jar o Can pay for order and pay tip with phone • Celebrities o Chris Brown dumps girlfriend for Rihanna • Crime o Man allegedly pours gasoline on disabled woman, tries igniting her
  15. 15. Climate and Temperature(Based off of Los Angeles Fahrenheit averages) January High: 67 Low:48 February High: 69 Low: 49 March High: 69 Low: 50 April High: 71 Low: 53 May High: 73 Low: 57 June High:78 Low: 60 July High: 84 Low: 64 August High: 84 Low: 65 September High: 83 Low: 64 October High: 79 Low: 59 November High: 73 Low: 53 December High: 68 Low:48
  16. 16. Natural Resources• Water• Seafood• Crushed stone o gravel o sand• Building stone• Gold o silver o iron• Clay• Evaporated minerals
  17. 17. Major Industries andServices• Agriculture o oil o mining  minerals o Water o Lumber
  18. 18. Conclusion• Very popular state to visit• Interesting history and events• Holds many tourist attractions• Know as "The Golden State"• Many Industries and Services• 2011: 37,691,912 population
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