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Summary of descriptive statistics


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Published in: Business
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Summary of descriptive statistics

  1. 1. SPSS: Descriptive Statistics by Selvarasu A Mutharasu, Annamalai University Date: 19-01-2015 Time: 9:00 - 11:00 Venue: Lab II Room No.
  2. 2. Descriptives File: telco.sav A telecommunications company maintains a customer database that includes, among other things, information on how much each customer spent on long distance, toll-free, equipment rental, calling card, and wireless services in the previous month.This information is collected in telco.sav. Use Descriptives to study customer spending to determine which services are most profitable.
  3. 3. Menu screen for Descriptive Analysis
  4. 4. Exercise Select 1. Long distance last month, 2. Toll free last month, 3. Equipment last month, 4. Calling card last month, and 5. Wireless last month as analysis variables.
  5. 5. Selected Variable Screen
  6. 6. Descriptive Summaries 1. Mean, 2. Median, 3. Std Deviation, 4. Minimum, 5. Maximum 6. Recode into the same variable 7. Skewness 8. Kurtosis 9. Log transformed data 10. z-Score data 11. Box Plot for case by case