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Petlife ICO


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Petlife ICO

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Petlife ICO

  1. 1. Clinics earn more using telemedicine and blockchain Blockchain in veterinary medicine CEO about Petlife Estonia, 2018
  2. 2. Hello! My name is Andrey Fedorov. I am the CEO of Petlife. We have developed an application that solves the problems of scarcity and quality of veterinary care. We are planning to bring together veterinarians from Europe, Asia and North America and become an aggregator of veterinary services. The interaction of doctors and patients occurs via blockchain and telemedicine. Our partners are clinics and certified doctors who want to expand their customer base. Surgery, therapy, radiology, rehabilitation and oncology. We are planning to introduce more than 30 veterinary professions and areas to solve common and rare problems. Vaccinations, post-surgery conditions, suspected twisted gut, poisoning by household chemicals, treatment of parasitic infestations, itching skin, control after the prescribed drug therapy - just a few cases in which Petlife will be in demand. We are releasing our application in August. I invite you to become our partner and start using remote online consultation service, electronic medical records, digital prescriptions and attract new patients with 100% discount.
  3. 3. What is VCRP? Why is it important to know about it if the company operates in the US or Europe. How Petlife meets VCRP requirements Legal Status Telemedicine, payment by digital currencies, electronic medical card, smart contracts Petlife Technologies How often do patients use the doctor's advice and why? Telemedicine How do clinics invest in IT? Market Trends What is Petlife and blockchain? How do they work together? Petlife App and blockchain? Contents The presentation consists of 5 sections. They will help you get acquainted with the presentation within 15 minutes. If you do not want to read, just ask us a question. If you have any questions about the medical part of the application, its use for the treatment of animals or its use in the work of medical centers, please write to If you have any questions about how to invest in our company, please write to If you are interested in highlighting a new project in veterinary medicine that uses telemedicine and blockchain, please write to We will be happy to answer any other questions, if you write to
  4. 4. Petlife App. What is it? Petlife is the first international veterinary telemedicine marketplace based on blockchain. The service brings together animal owners with doctors and clinics around the world. It also provides a platform to provide 24/7/365 veterinary care. The pet receives veterinary care via our application - remote consultations, test clarification, data storage and electronic prescriptions. The doctor carries out consultations, makes reports and conclusions and receives payment. About Petlife App. New customers We will work in Europe, North America and China Telemedicine Consult patients remotely and recruit doctors from other countries Blockchain New technologies, crypto-community and payment with crypto-currency
  5. 5. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft "I think this is a great technological breakthrough , but governments will play the dominant role in it". Petlife App. What is blockchain? It is a method of storing information. Data are not stored in one place, but distributed among participants. Blockchain stores a list of records called blocks. Every block has a timestamp and a link to the previous block. It is impossible to break the connection between elements. Security is the basis of blockchain. It is a philosophy of interaction between people. Information is value. The user provides access in the form of a private key - cryptographic algorithm. The algorithm opens the corresponding chain of blocks and data stored in it. This allows you to conclude transactions, sign contracts, verify your identity and exchange electronic money - crypto-currency. Blockchain is used in the financial sector, medicine, gambling business, voting process and logistics. Now also in veterinary medicine. "Bitcoin is interesting because it is cheap. It is superior to classical currencies, providing flexible and convenient transactions especially big ones". Eric Schmidt, former executive chairman of Google "Technologically, bitcoin is a significant achievement in cryptography. The opportunity to create something that is not duplicated in the digital world is of great importance" Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group "If I had a lot of bitcoins, I would spend them on building of a spaceship" Ben Bernanke, ex-chairman of the Federal Reserve "Virtual currencies are very promising, especially if the innovations in this area make payments faster, safer and more efficient"
  6. 6. Shared network Patients, doctors, clinics, pharmaceutical and insurance companies 01 02 03 04 05 06 Petlife App. Why do we use blockchain? Data storage. Animal's medical record contains all information. Reports of veterinarians, preoperative diagnoses, surgery protocols, results of ultrasound, functional and X-ray diagnostics, prescriptions and recommendations. Petlife updates the entire chain of blocks in real time and displays patient's records. Treatment. Access to medical record and making amendments. Chain inalterability allows the doctor to assess the quality of treatment and to prepare competent answers or reports for different institutions, including courts. Payment. Crypto-currency or real money. Transaction takes no more than 24 minutes. Pay for services, insurance bills and compensations. Crypto-currrency or real money Actual use Treatment monitoring, recommendations and evaluation of results Partners income New market for veterinary clinics and doctors - crypto-community Savings Partners will be able to control overspending and unnecessary prescriptions Service for patients Doctors can easily join the treatment process at any stage
  7. 7. 322.8 turnover of veterinary software market in 2016 million, USD* Technology Customer retention and market share require innovation. 2 main groups of information products: for medical practice management and image processing (most often X-rays and MRIs). Companies There is active competition in the sphere of veterinary software. The market is dominated by IDEXX Laboratories, Patterson Companies and Henry Schein. Other market players - Hippo Manager Software, VetZ Limited, Esaote SpA, ClienTrax, Onward Systems and VIA information systems. These companies have completely occupied the sector of clinic management technologies and radiological information systems. Trends. Clinics are investing in IT 8.9% expected market growth of veterinary software until 2025 per year* *according to Grand View Research 68 000 22 000 veterinarians have private practice, according to American Veterinary Medicine Association. In the next 3 years private practitioners will increase demand for information veterinary technologies. in the US and in the UK Trends Cloud solutions Mobile apps Ease of use New solutions
  8. 8. Trends. Clinics are investing in IT What technologies will attract investments tomorrow? What technologies will attract investments tomorrow? The growth of mobile applications determines market trends. Patients will prefer clinics where they can quickly and easily obtain services for their pets through a mobile app. New systems will be integrated in the work of medical information system via an open API module or will be a completely cloud-based solution. Self-learning neural networks will assist in giving medical recommendations and selecting the right doctor based on the given data. Electronic prescriptions and full medical records will be an integral part of telemedicine. The year 2016 saw a rise in the demand for technological solutions for maintaining the health of livestock. Programs solve 3 problems: production process control, micro-chipping and storage of quality related information. Machine learning and blockchain are new technologies that will be a reality tomorrow. . 42% growth of online sales of veterinary services in 2015. 30% total growth of e-commerce worldwide in 2015. per year Online sales of veterinary products outpaced the total amount of pet care product sales (2010-2014, USA)* 15,2% 15,0% 5,0% 4,7% Pet care e-commerce E-commerce Retail Pet care *Appa, 2015
  9. 9. World population growth contributes to an increase in the amount of cattle, dairy and poultry production. Based on the current consumption patterns, we need to produce 70% more food than we do now*. Analysis of food consumption in North America, South America and Asia shows that the consumption of meat will increase by 12%. Evolution of farm animals diseases opens opportunities for IT companies and veterinary care providers. Companies are expanding their research and development. It is being done to create innovative products that will provide farming business with access to professional veterinary care. * according to the 9-th International Conference on Veterinary Healthcare and Medicine Trends. Technologies in Animal Industry 2.6 billion number of farm animals in 2018 compared to 1.5 billion in 2000* 4 times poultry industry should increase 4 times in order to meet the consumption demand of veterinary vaccines market are vaccines for farm animals 62% Growing demand for meat, milk and eggs lays enormous responsibility on farmers. Equipment manufacturers are searching for new technologies to combat food-borne and zoonotic diseases.
  10. 10. Patients are willing to receive remote medical care. The main reasons for choosing telemedicine are convenience and cost that is lower than in-office reception*. Telemedicine offers clinics and doctors a new tool for routine practice and a way to enhance relations with partners. *according to HIDA - Health Industry Distributors Association. Study, 2017. Trends. Telemedicine Convenience, cost, quality and the feeling that the condition was not so serious are three main reasons for choosing telemedicine. “It was fast in terms of connection. It was nice to see my doctor face-to-face by webcam, and have a more personal experience than just 5 to 10 minutes it would have been at the office – just felt more personal.” — Male, Millennial Majority Of Patients Open To Televisits 18% Have Scheduled a Televisit 53% Would Consider Scheduling a Televisit 29 % Would Not Consider Scheduling a Televisit
  11. 11. Trends. Telemedicine* The majority of respondents (54%) stated that remote consultation was better than in-office visit The majority of respondents (59 %) are willing to increase the number of remote visits to the doctor next year 53 % 28 % 15 % 4 % Offered by my physician Offered by my insurance company Found out about it on my own Found out about it some other way Most patients learn about telemedicine from their physicians Majority of patients thought televisit was better 41 % Same as in-office visit 54 % Better than in-office visit 5 % Worse than in-office visit Telemedicine users plan to increase televisits in 2017 3 % Decrease 59 % Increase 38 % Stay the same *Telemedicine: Patient Perspectives, Health Industry Distributors Association, 2017
  12. 12. Petlife Technologies. Telemedicine Petlife allows to perform real-time online consultations. A veterinarian can conduct scheduled and emergency video consultations for animals owners. Up to 16 doctors from different medical centers will be able to discuss complex clinical cases. Petlife provides video conferencing with a medical expert around the world. Animal owner can send the medical information necessary for a qualified conclusion - reports, X-rays, CT and MRI scans, ultrasound images and laboratory test results. High-definition video stream Video consultation via smartphone Cryptographic protection of video channel Combination: video+voice+chat No connection loss HTTPS authentication
  13. 13. Petlife Technologies. Smart contracts Petlife is the first veterinary application that uses blockchain-based smart contracts. Petlife smart contracts is a computer algorithm that describes and controls communication between users, for example, doctor and patient or patient and insurance company. Smart-contracts contain information about the communication between users, for example, consultations or payment operations. This information is easy to trace and impossible to alter. Deleting, modifying or adding information is impossible as smart contracts are based on the blockchain technology. blockchain is a distributed network of data blocks where each participant sees all the changes made within the network. Petlife smart contracts perform 2 main functions - conducting payment and controlling contractual relations. By using our application clinics and doctors provide veterinary services: consultations, prescriptions, conclusions based on diagnostic results, treatment control and recommendations. Animal owners and insurance companies pay for the services. There are 2 payment options: by PETL token or widely known crypto-currencies such as bitcoin. PETL token is an internal crypto-currency. The market rate of all digital currencies depends on the dollar market rate. Or you can pay with common currency, for example, US Dollar, Euro or Yen. Our users can pay or receive payment for services by digital or traditional means with the help of our partners - digital payment systems. Smart contracts provide other types of interaction as well. For instance, remote video consultations, searching for a doctor, issuing electronic prescription etc.
  14. 14. Petlife Technologies. Smart contracts Smart contracts utilize the convenience of decentralized blockchain technology: Smart contract is encrypted and distributed among nodes. This guarantees that it will not be lost or changed without your permission Security Most processes are automated, and most intermediaries are eliminated Economy and speed
  15. 15. Petlife Technologies. Electronic medical record Petlife stores medical information of each animal. All the information goes into an electronic medical record. The application outlines medical information about the animals and generates the case-record. Petlife electronic medical record is a single information resource which contains medical data of animals - conclusions, reports, test results, case-records and electronic prescriptions. Animal owners can add new data and veterinarians can track clinical findings. If the animal owner gives permission to transfer data from the medical record, the application generates a smart contract. This algorithm transfers data to the doctor or clinical facility. It enables the generation of an independent report, recommendations and the possibility of a case conference.
  16. 16. Petlife Technologies. Electronic medical record 01 02 003 Collects and stores important medical data Sends it to the authorized doctor Provides an opportunity to use standardized protocols Moduls Epicrisis Results of laboratory diagnostics Ultrasonic diagnostic results Result of x-ray examination Result of surgical treatment
  17. 17. Petlife Technologies. Electronic medical record Pros for doctors cloud solution mobile application ease of use new decisions Pros for patients transmission of information reasonable institutions information security
  18. 18. VCPR (Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship) - is the legal definition of remote consultations in veterinary medicine. The USA and the EU have adopted this definition and determined the conditions for remote veterinary practice. State regulations require to perform remote consultations only in full compliance with VCPR. In this case only verified and clinically tested technologies can be used. The only exception is an emergency situation when it is impossible to see your veterinarian in time. The only way to work legally in any European country is to fully comply with the state and/or federal VCPR. The US Federation of state medical boards (FSMB) defines telemedicine as medical practice with the use of electronic means of communication, information technology and other means of communication between healthcare providers on the one side of the screen and the patient on the other, with or without an intermediate healthcare provider. The American Association of Telemedicine (ATA, use a shorter version that defines telemedicine as a tool for health care ... to empower, not replace clinical practice, views and expertise of health care providers. Telemedicine in this context plays a key role in the interaction with the customer, which is important because it promotes customer satisfaction and maintains long-term relationships between the veterinarian and the owner of the animal. The main thing upon which the success of telemedicine startup depends is the ability to use innovation and comply with government rules and regulations of veterinary care.. Petlife respects the law
  19. 19. Petlife respects the law Even at the start of the Petlife project the team faced the task - the service must meet legislative requirements in the context of VCPR telemedicine.. ← Petlife Solution - Medical report and conclusion after a remote consultation signed by a veterinarian. → The first requirement VCRP - the veterinarian assumes the responsibility for making clinical judgments and treatment plan, a pet owner agrees to follow the instructions of the veterinarian. ← Petlife Solution - patient’s medical record and preparation for remote consultation.. → The second requirement VCRP - The doctor has the necessary amount of information about the pet: complaints, anamnesis, preliminary diagnosis, the results of research. This means that the veterinarian is monitoring the situation and is ready to build an effective treatment plan.. ← Petlife Solution - a wide choice of communications : doctor - patient, options for medical services. Emergency medical alert about his patient. → The third requirement VCRP - the doctor is available for re-admission and the emergency, he monitors the state of the pet and participates in its treatment. ← Petlife Solution - complete electronic medical records. → The fourth requirement VCRP - the doctor monitors the treatment and results. ← Petlife Solution - complete electronic medical records. → The fifth requirement VCRP - medical records of patients are kept.
  20. 20. Join us before the release of the application. Presentation: July, 2018. How to partner with Petlife with 100% discount? For investors If you are willing to participate in the crowdfunding and to become an investor of the innovative telemedicine veterinary marketplace, we ask you to visit the website For heads of clinics If you manage or represent a veterinary clinic, contact us via email, we can assist you in increasing the number of customers with the help of an innovative tool for medical aid. For doctors If you are a doctor, we can provide you with a tool to improve your medical practice and an opportunity to work worldwide, contact us via email