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Raymond Krajci: Think[box]


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Presentations from R3D@Tri-C, the Regional 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Conference, held on June 18 and 19, 2015, at Tri-C’s Advanced Technology Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Published in: Engineering
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Raymond Krajci: Think[box]

  1. 1. America’s Maker University the importance of this premier innovation center think[box] Raymond Krajci (CWRU ‘14) Laboratory Technician
  2. 2. Scale One of the world’s largest university-based innovation centers 7 Stories 50,000 sq. ft. August 2015
  3. 3. Access Unparalleled free and open access since opening in 2012
  5. 5. Innovation at think[box] and LaunchPad Over $2M raised by startups in first 2 years of joint operation $100k - DDG (Malaria) $500k - Hive $130k - FGC (Fuel Jet) $85k - GreenLite $150k - Apollo Medical $1M - EveryKey Many More
  6. 6. The Climbing Minier Whegs is a smaller version of the Bio-Robotics Climbing Mini Whegs. This is a light (62g) wall climbing robot that scales smooth surfaces using a novel adhesive modeled after the surface of a gecko's foot. The robot can easily transition 90 degrees from a horizontal to vertical plane because of its unique wheel- legs. The orange parts in the photograph were 3D- printed on a MakerBot 2 Replicator in think[box]. Minier Whegs think[box] Project
  7. 7. This patent-pending design for an inexpensive 3D printed competition-grade yo-yo uses a single material, and achieves a high moment of inertia by changing the geometry in ways that would be impossible without 3D printing. Numerous iterations of these yo-yos were printed on the MakerBots in think[box]. Doppler Yo-Yo think[box] Project
  8. 8. Inspiratory Muscle Training, or IMT for short, has been around for decades in the medical and sports environments. Pro2Fit is bringing IMT to the masses with a personal device that pairs with your smartphone which provides a fun and highly motivating workout. Early prototypes, made partly in think[box], are in use on several NBA, NHL, and NFL teams as well as a handful of universities for both research and athletics. Pro2Fit Inspiratory Muscle Trainer think[box] Project
  9. 9. Sprāv is a wireless water meter that gives you control of your water and energy consumption. Using a combination of instant feedback and usage tracking, Sprāv gives you the tools to reduce your utility bills as well as your eco-footprint. Sprav think[box] Project
  10. 10. This 13 million-year-old fossil holds many clues for CWRU researchers studying the prehistoric climate of Bolivia. If the species of origin is confirmed to be Stupendmys, a turtle with a shell 6 feet long, then it will provide valuable answers about the ancient environment. This 3D scan will be sent to experts for identification. 3D Fossil Model think[box] Project
  11. 11. This project by the Biologically Inspired Robotics Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University seeks to develop a novel means of robotic locomotion useful in niche applications such as pipe inspection by mimicking the undulating motion of a worm. Compliant Modular Mesh Worm Robot think[box] Project
  12. 12. This prototype of an ultra-affordable, human powered phone charger won $85,000 from the Spartan Challenge and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s P3 Grant Competition. The device allows a user to non- strenuously charge a phone while leaving both hands free for other tasks. This design is aimed towards users in countries lacking infrastructure and those not on the electrical grid. GreenLite Technology think[box] Project
  13. 13. Benefits of Additive Manufacturing 3D printing plays a critical role in the mission of think[box] Empowers creativity Facilitates iteration Provides experience