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Continuous Code Reviews


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Code reviews play an important and successful role in modern software development. But usually they happen only once before new code is merged into the main branch. We present a concept which helps developers to continuously give feedback on their source code directly in the integrated development environment (IDE) by using the metaphor of social networks. This reduces context switches for developers, improves the software development process and allows to give feedback to developers of external libraries and frameworks.

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Continuous Code Reviews

  1. 1. Continuous Code Reviews A Social Coding tool for Code Reviews inside the IDE Tobias Dürschmid Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam, Germany
  2. 2. Reasons for Performing Code Reviews 2Continuous Code Reviews, Tobias Dürschmid - Finding defects - Improving code quality - Discussing alternative solutions - Transferring knowledge - Improving team awareness (Rigby and Bird 2013)
  3. 3. Problem 3Continuous Code Reviews, Tobias Dürschmid - Contemporary code reviews are done only once before a pull request is merged - No feedback on legacy code - No support for questions of new developers - Involves context switches - How to make code reviews more live?
  4. 4. Social Media 4Continuous Code Reviews, Tobias Dürschmid Twitter StackOverflow Content is live!
  5. 5. How to exchange comments between clients? Client-Server Architecture with Squeak frontend and Ruby server for comment exchange using REST Design 6Continuous Code Reviews, Tobias Dürschmid Comments IDEIDE
  6. 6. Design 7Continuous Code Reviews, Tobias Dürschmid How to encode the reference to meta objects? Package: Package name Class: Package name + class name Method: Package name + class name + method name
  7. 7. Design 8Continuous Code Reviews, Tobias Dürschmid How to migrate comments when the meta object is moved to another class / package or renamed? - Comment has a list of references When to reset comments? - Only explicitly by user only
  8. 8. Related Work 9Continuous Code Reviews, Tobias Dürschmid - Stand-alone tools for code reviews - CodeFlow, Mondrian, Gerrit, Phabricator, ClusterChanges - Plug-Ins - EGerrit as Eclipse Plug-In - Pull-based code reviews - Change-based code reviews
  9. 9. Conclusion 10Continuous Code Reviews, Tobias Dürschmid - New approach for merging reading code with adding reviews - Depict programmging as social activity. - To be used orthogonally to pull requests
  10. 10. References 11Continuous Code Reviews, Tobias Dürschmid - (Rigby and Bird 2013) Peter C. Rigby and Christian Bird. 2013. Convergent Contemporary Software Peer Review Practices. In Proceedings of the ’13 9th Joint Meeting on Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE ’13). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 202– 212.