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Joybringer 1


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Joybringer 1

  1. 1. joybringerForced Feminization Photo Comic By Morgana of Sexually Explicit - For Adults Only!
  2. 2. here’s the six o’clock news with your host hank lane. Pope francis II today announced that the catholic church will move its main operations from Rome to a new territory leased from the irish government. In a statement the pope said that the intense heat waves affecting the Mediterranean area made it Impossible for people to live there. The last time the papacy resided outside rome was in 1377.
  3. 3. Exodus international reports that it has now clocked 900 journeys through the pluto wormhole without any accident. it will continue its colonisation program of the ten planets found at the other side of the wormhole. two of them, the earth like worlds of amberlan and newton, has already reached a human population of 300 o00 in total. Now that the company’s new vivat construction robot has reached the marked, the international company hopes to be able to recieve 100 000 colonists annually to each of the two planets.
  4. 4. exodus black ops holding block in the exodus free territory.
  5. 5. i hate that guy! he has been mobilising the rest of the prisoners, smuggling out information to amnesty international. he is a convicted mobster and murderer and now he plays the human rights card.
  6. 6. yes, that was unfortunate. HAVING THE PRESS CAMPING OUTSIDE ONE OF OUR PRISONS IS NOT A GOOD THING. SO WHY DON’t we just arrest the journalists? exodus corporation is not a democracy, warden, but the potential colonists must see a positive brand. in any case, i have come here to take him off your back, ok?
  7. 7. that’s the fucker, right there.
  8. 8. There was yet another night of riots in austin, in the exodus free territory, last night. Anarchists protest the sale of texas to the space exploration conglomerate by the United states. ten years with tax cuts have made the United states go bankrupt, and the sale of the territory of texas has been a desperate attempt by congress to plug the gap. climate change has made texas more or less uninhabitable, but there are still some 2 to 3 million who have not moved north.
  9. 9. let me handle this. keep your fascist hands of me! get down on the cot right now, or i will have to sedate you!
  10. 10. there’s a good boy. hi there, mr. jackson!
  11. 11. and who are you? you do not look like someone from amnesty. you are exodus, all right. some lab? he has been restrained now. call for me if you need help. thank you officer. you are very kind.
  12. 12. the exodus defense corporation has announced that it is bringing a new gene modified super soldier on the market. it is designed to survive in tough alien environments. The General secretary of the un, abegunde bolaji, says to the press that he doubts very much that the soldiers are developed to fight aliens, as no intelligent alien life form has been found so far. instead he believes the company prepares for a pan-global take- over: “the company already controls five solar systems,” he said. “so why not aim for this one too.”
  13. 13. the exodus-owned company morphology has developed a nano- viral technology that makes it possible to reconfigure human dna and change humans into what they call “environmentally enhanced humans.”
  14. 14. well, mr. jackson, let me not waste your time. i am not here to discuss the legality of the exodus takeover of texas. i am sure you have some good arguments. but you don’t care, right, because there is nothing you can do about it.
  15. 15. we have three billion people starving because of the heat, mr. jackson. human survival is at stake. so forgive me for not being so concerned about the lone star republic. you are creating an interstellar capitalist dictatorship, and you do anything to stop it! yes, mr. jackson. you are right, but i don’t care.
  16. 16. so why are you here? according to the austin accord we do what we want within our jurisdiction, and we are not going to waste money on prisoners like yourself. if i disappear the human right activists will go crazy. bad pr for your company. that’s why you will sign an agreement that you have joined Exodus’ space corps and its morphology program.
  17. 17. morphology? so that’s what you are, one of those shape shifter researcers? that is exactly what i am. i am one of those running “the tank”. one month in there and you have a new life out of prison. are you going to turn me into a super soldier? an aquaman with gills? give me wings? you are a violent criminal mr. jackson, there is no way we are going to give you guns.
  18. 18. anyway, if you stay here, you are dead. i cannot stop them from making you have an accident, ok? sign the damned form and journey to the stars. it cannot be worse than here can it?
  19. 19. secret morphology centre outside austin, texas.
  20. 20. hurry up, mark, we have 50 hungry girls to feed.
  21. 21. did you see what emma did yesterday?
  22. 22. now, powder will give your cover-ups staying power.
  23. 23. look at you! You are gorgeous!
  24. 24. why are you doing this to me?
  25. 25. don’t complain! if you want to be sexy, you have to invest time in your look. lots of time!
  26. 26. are you going soon, marie? next week, they say.
  27. 27. are you serious?
  28. 28. there is nowhere to go, you know.
  29. 29. i am so screwed.
  30. 30. one moment, jackson and i will be with you in a sec. let’s see: jackson, mike, sentenced to life in austin, exodus territory, for murder. and you have been attacking the human rights record of exodus, i see. well. i don’t think we can fear much violent behaviour from you in the future, can we?
  31. 31. “jackson, can you hear me?”
  32. 32. i’m… i’m a girl. i did not sign up for this.
  33. 33. but you did. i have the contract right here. the contract says that you agreed to accept any bodily form and any service the company might require, on your assigned planet, for a period of ten years, after which you can explore a life as a free colonist. but what kind of life is that? you have taken away everything that made me me: my strength, my masculinity, my…
  34. 34. …your status as a male warrior. i get it. but we could not let your testosterone driven chauvinism loose on newton, could we? arrogant pricks like you destroyed earth. never again! newton is different.
  35. 35. i have a pussy! i cannot…. i cannot… i cannot live with a pussy. i cannot see why not. it works well for me. mine has given me a lot of pleasure and i am sure yours will too.
  36. 36. i am a man. i am the pitcher, not the catcher. i cannot…. have sex… with a man.
  37. 37. i am sorry, but you have been wired for heterosexuality. and yes, we have turned up your libido a bit, to make sure you enjoy the services you are to provide. you are to be a joy bringer. the conditions are tough in the colonies and lonely men need compassionate women who take care of their needs. what kind of services?
  38. 38. you want me to be a prostitue? you cannot do that to me! a joybringer is more like a social worker. listen, i need you to take off your clothes. and please, i do not want to have oscar to force you, ok. today is your initiation.
  39. 39. “take of your shorts. aren’t you curious. you are right out of the tank. you haven’t had much time to get to know your new body, have you?” fuck you! “no, you are not going to fuck me. you are going to fuck your trainer.” “you have a great ass, mike…. wait, i am not to call you mike anymore. your new name is mindy.” “show us your tits!”
  40. 40. are you happy now? “sit down, mindy.”
  41. 41. “you are a little bit curious, aren’t you. i want you to touch your pussy.”
  42. 42. “now, put a finger or two inside it.”
  43. 43. oh my god. that is so… different. oh… wow… “that’s your clit dear, or at least the part that is visible on the outside.”
  44. 44. “are you now the kind of girl that you would have fucked when you were a gangster?” oh…oh.. uh… yeah.
  45. 45. “you would have lifted her up and carried her over to the bed, wouldn’t you?” mmmmm, yes. i guess. hm. “and then you would have spread her legs and pushed yourself inside her.” “would she like it?” “get up!”
  46. 46. “stay calm now. oscar is going to teach you a few things about being a girl with a man.” you have some really great tits, baby.
  47. 47. oh god, no…
  48. 48. “it is starting to feel real now, mindy?” oh my god.
  49. 49. “you have to learn to love your pussy, mindy. it can bring you a lot of joy.”
  50. 50. nnnnnngh!
  51. 51. “he has a great cock, honey. relax and enjoy it.”
  52. 52. oh my god!
  53. 53. nnnnnngh..
  54. 54. mmmmm… hmmmm..
  55. 55. aaaaaaay!
  56. 56. turn around!
  57. 57. oh fuck…
  58. 58. oh! ooooh! ooooooooh!
  59. 59. oh my god!
  60. 60. you are doing great, mindy. now, get down on your knees and make that man even more happy!
  61. 61. “wonderful, mindy. we will make a great girl out of you. do not worry.”
  62. 62. i did not like any of it. “bullshit, i could see your body shake when you came.”
  63. 63. “you are going to love being a sexy girl.” “now go and take a shower. you have a make-up lesson in one hour with belle and then an introduction to color coordination with james.
  64. 64. o.k.
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