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Write globally for locals - Laura Stewart


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Lightening Talk for WTD March 2016

Published in: Career
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Write globally for locals - Laura Stewart

  1. 1. Write globally for locals by Laura Stewart
  2. 2.  The US has a wide, diverse population  For some of your local customers, English is not their first language  Even if you don’t translate now, write as if you do… but you probably know this   Writing globally is not just about the UI and the docs Write for your local customers
  3. 3.  Goal - Ship a sample data set with the product  Starting point – A sample data set from QA  Name  Address  Phone  Zip  Region  Birthdate  Gender  Work – Expand the sample data set Sample dataset
  4. 4.  Can’t use names of real people or trademarked characters  Can’t use all WASP names  Can’t have only North America regions or cities  Can’t use real looking phone numbers  Can’t use real looking SSN numbers Whoa, I can’t use this!
  5. 5.  Picked common names from Latin America, Europe, Asia (India, China, Japan)  Names must be short – easy to type and understand  Used popular cities  Country capitals or popular destinations  Used real cities, streets, postal codes  Used obvious fake phone numbers and SSN  Used “Surname”, “Postal Code”, and “ID number” How’d I fix it?