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Forms Emberjs


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Building an efficient, scalable and maintainable form rendering and validation system with Ember

Published in: Engineering
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Forms Emberjs

  1. 1. Form building made easy with Ember
  2. 2. Forms are a problem
  3. 3. Lets see how Design a registration form for GirlsWhoJS • Applicants must enter name, email and gender • Only letters with spaces are allowed in the name field. Name should be between 5 and 20 characters. • Email should be of format • All are mandatory fields. • Submit button should be enabled only when all fields are entered and in valid formats.
  4. 4. One way to do this (code for a traditional approach)
  5. 5. The Problem • Form rendering and validations is repetitive logic • Code is duplicated • Leading to increased maintenance costs
  6. 6. Ember to the Rescue • Observer pattern • Component logic • Inheritance
  7. 7. The Ember Way (Artoo’s solution for form building)
  8. 8. Thanks! Aparna Vaikuntam Architect at Artoo