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So, You're Licensed Into China ... Now What?

China is opening up rapidly in terms of inbound digital licensing, but what happens once your license is in place? In reality, this is just the beginning, not least because Chinese platforms typically don't WANT the content, they have it already. Rather than expecting the floodgates to open, China still needs to be seen as a very long play. This period may be known in retrospect as "the age of metadata" insofar as the priority for all rights owners should be to pump the market with metadata, readying for the next step which is reporting and accounting. Only then does marketing a record really make sense.

This informal workshop with Alex Taggart of leading China music industry services company, Outdustry, is designed to put things in perspective — with a good dose of myth-busting, while also providing hard won practical insights as to how to tackle the market with a long view.

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So, You're Licensed Into China ... Now What?

  1. 1. @outdustry@outdustry So, You’re Licensed Into China...Now What? Alex Taggart - International, Outdustry
  2. 2. @outdustry ● Founded in Beijing in 2006 ● Market-leading music industry services company ● Team of 10 (Beijing, Shanghai, LA, London) ● Running Beggars China since 2009 ● Leading Merlin’s China entry ● Run marketing for Zedd, Diplo, Major Lazer etc Outdustry
  3. 3. @outdustry “This strategy has paid off: in 2017, Beggars generated more revenues from China than from Japan, despite the latter being the second largest recorded-music market in the world. “And we have a decent business in Japan!” says [Simon] Wheeler.” - Music Ally, April 5th 2018
  4. 4. @outdustry 1. Direct license 2. Major label 3. Distributor/aggregator 4. Merlin Licensing
  5. 5. @outdustry TME Content Provider Netease Alibaba QQ Music Kugou Kuwo Netease Cloud Music Xiami 1 2 3 Taihe Baidu Music4 Corporate DSP
  6. 6. @outdustry Now What?
  7. 7. @outdustry DSP Promo Important, but not the priority Priorities Supply Chain Optimise via non-exclusive deals Pump the market with metadata
  8. 8. @outdustry 1. Delivery: DDEX XML feed integration 2. Content Optimisation: Is content going live? 3. Content Monitoring: Sweeping unofficial content 4. Reporting: How many ISRCs/line items in reports? 5. Call BS on reports Supply Chain
  9. 9. @outdustry 1. Priority sheets 2. Editorial 3. Positioning 4. Banners 5. Playlist seeding? 6. Socials DSP Promo
  10. 10. @outdustry TME Alibaba TME TME Netease Source : DCCI 2017 DSP Market Share
  11. 11. @outdustry 1 Insert artist / track name in search bar 2 Choose from suggested items 3 Search result 4 Artist profile page Search on QQ Music
  12. 12. @outdustry Playlists on Netease 1 Choose from recommended playlists 2 Click “Save” 3 Playlist saved 4 Revisit the playlist in your library
  13. 13. @outdustry 1. Push for full catalogue monthly reporting, with ISRC codes 2. Familiarise yourself with DSP products + promo workflow 3. Play a long game! Metadata must come first though Next Steps
  14. 14. @outdustry Thank you!