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The Yes Agenda: Global Trends and the Pace of Change


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as presented by Tzeporah Berman at #YesAgenda Summit 2017

Published in: Environment
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The Yes Agenda: Global Trends and the Pace of Change

  1. 1. The Yes Agenda Global Trends and the Pace of Change Tzeporah Berman, BA, MES, LLD Director, Stand.Earth Former Co-director Greenpeace International Climate Program Adjunct Professor York University Author of This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge @tzeporah
  2. 2. • “No more than one-third of proven reserves of fossil fuels can be consumed prior to 2050 if the world is to achieve the 2 °C goal” • -International Energy Agency, 2013 • “vast majority of reserves are unburnable if global temperature rises are to be limited to below 2C.” • -Mark Carney, Governor Bank of England, 2014
  3. 3. A Climate for Change • In the past 10 years we have gone from 5 countries with climate and renewable energy policies to 168 • Since 2004, the annual investment in renewable energy capacity has increased by more than 800% • “The race for renewable has passed a turning point. The world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than oil, natural gas and coal combined.” Bloomberg New Energy Finance, April 2015 • Price of renewable energy is plummeting
  4. 4. Thin-film Solar PV
  5. 5. “Will the pace of energy transformation be determined by the inertia of incumbents, or speed of innovators? It's our choice.” — Amory Lovins
  6. 6. France to ban all new oil and gas exploration in renewable energy drive -The Independent (June 24, 2017) ‘Ecological transition’ minister says law will be passed later this year
  7. 7. Shell to install electric chargers at UK petrol stations