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Donohue funeral home pre campaign deck


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GOMAC 2018 Pre-Campaign Deck for Donohue Funeral Home London. Fanshawe College.

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Donohue funeral home pre campaign deck

  2. 2. A Brief History of Donohue Founded in 1930, Donohue is the oldest family owned and operated full service class 1 funeral home in London, Ontario. Donohue offers personalized�funeral�services crafted to all faiths, wishes and beliefs in a respectful and meaningful way.� Donohue provides services and advice on what to do when a loved one is dying, preparing funeral arrangements and funeral pre-planning, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.362 Waterloo Street | London, ON | N6B 2N6
  3. 3. Start to finish funeral arrangements and consulting. Full Service COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Local family owned and operated since 1930. Family Owned Funeral service themes customized to match any idea, need, and personality. Customized
  4. 4. Existing Marketing Activies Adwords Display Campaign� Brochures Church Advertisement Sports Teams Festival Sponsorship Tribute Advertising 2017 Adwords Campaign Results Campaign Focus was Themed Funeral Services Cost = $2226 5.9 million impressions 48,000 clicks CTR .82%
  5. 5. TARGET MARKET 35 Plus 35 - 49 The majority use at need services and will have decision power of what company to use when their parents die. 65 -72 Majority have recently had a loved one pass and prefer pre- planning their services. COMPETITION Class 1 - Full Service Funeral Facilities Class 2 - Basic Range of Transfer Services Canon arrange or provide funeral services Class 3 - Cemetery Services Class 4 - Cremation Services INDUSTRY OVERVIEW The Funeral Home Industry has undergone massive changes recently. The landscape has shifted from family owned operations to large conglomerates and corporations. Very few smaller family owned funeral homes remain. London is an oversaturated competitive market and is growing, with over 30 competitors and 10 direct class 1 funeral homes.�� Increased number of low-cost cremation operators opening, as cremation increasingly becomes a preferable option to burial.
  6. 6. 3%CLICK THROUGH RATE GOAL 7,716 IMPRESSION GOAL $1.08 231.5 CLICK GOALCOST PER CLICK GOAL 7EXPECTED CUSTOMERS $5,500 AVG. SPENT 183% ROAS OR ROI CAMPAIGN & BUDGET GOALS 65% AVERAGE INDUSTRYMARGIN % $49,653 MARGIN $ $11,000 $76,389 REVENUE LIFETIME VALUE X2 $26,736 VARIABLE COSTS Based on our research we are expecting a conversion rate of 3%. The website traffic is typically qualified and at a point in the sales funnel where they are more likely to purchase.�As such,�we are expecting to get around 7 customers out of a possible 231 from this campaign. Service costs vary from $5,000 to $7,000 thus we chose an average spent of $5,500. We also made the assumption that once you tried Donohue, at least one more person in your family or you were to choose them again in a lifetime (value x 2 = $11,000)
  7. 7. OUTLINE OF CAMPAIGNS & AD GROUPS GEO & LANGUAGE TARGETING Local Funeral Home that aims to attract people from London and its surroundings. London Ontario + 18 km Radius
  8. 8. AD PREVIEWS WITH EXTENSIONS Ads optimized for clicks Standard Ad Delivery No Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  9. 9. DISPLAYADS Characteristics:�Respectful, empathetic, dependable (due to the sensitive nature of the industry) Emphasis on 88 years of experience as a Funeral Home One of the oldest family owned and operated homes in London Personalised services and 24/7 availability stressed Service based messaging and ad groups created� Contact us/Call us today:�This call to action has been used in most of the ad groups as that is how majority of interactions with the client take place. Plan Online/Plan with Donohue Today:�These calls to action have been used for the pre-planning feature on the Donohue website and are the only online service offered aside from the Contact Us form. Find out more/Ask Donohue Today/Consult a Specialist:�The ad groups for the FAQs page on the Donohue site are �the ones with these calls to action, leading the visitors back to the Cremation FAQs page.
  10. 10. BUDGET PLANNING Automated bidding to begin followed by manual bidding for budget control on specific adgroups. Funeral Homes is the most relevant campaign as it has the highest volume of search. Funeral Homes & Cremation investments will be focused at the beggining and the end of the campaign. Display ads investments will be the same throughout the campaign duration